A manufacturer’s shift from required well-being to true employee engagement

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Brunswick, the manufacturer behind leading boat brands like Mercury Marine, Boston Whaler and Crestliner, employs over 14,000 people in offices and production facilities. Their mission is to help people live life well, so naturally employee well-being has always been a top internal priority. But the company faced a challenge: the clinical, wellness program in place was siloed and focused on risk reduction instead of real employee engagement.


Brunswick partnered with Limeade to build a new program: Be Your Best. Immediately, an optional well-being assessment replaced the traditional biometric screening. The removal of this punitive guardrail helped boost overall program participation by 10%.

Leadership knew that their employee population was incredibly loyal but often struggled to prioritize well-being, making burnout a very real threat. On the production side, self-care was low, and in Brunswick offices, stress was high. The Be Your Best program addressed both issues, delivering relevant content and challenges based on location. Taking a data-driven approach, Brunswick also used Limeade Insights Dashboards to track trends in engagement, well-being, health, burnout risk and more. Based on those insights, Brunswick was able to deploy relevant activities to employees based on demographics, risk areas and topics they've specifically shown interest in. With manager challenges and engagement report cards targeted to supervisors, Brunswick provided clear strategies to promoting well-being within their teams.


Brunswick’s authentic sense of caring, backed by a data-driven strategy, has created a culture that reinforces engagement and well-being at every turn. The hard work around Be Your Best has paid off. One of Brunswick’s most lucrative divisions, Mercury Marine, saw an 8% increase in “actively engaged” employees, a potential revenue impact of $2.1M from that division alone.

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"Since the Limeade program launched, we've noticed a change around the engagement, the energy and the collaboration. It allows us to drive initiatives across the entire enterprise, and it's really resulted in great gains from a cultural standpoint."

Brenna Preisser, Brunswick CHRO


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