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Before 2011, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center was up against a daunting problem: medical claims were increasing far above the national average. The top-rated pediatric hospital knew that only significant change on the medical side could slow this trend. But they also recognized the need to improve the well-being of employees, the people delivering critical care to young patients across the region.


To support these goals, MyHealthPath was born. At first, the program focused on physical well-being, but with guidance from Limeade, MyHealthPath evolved. Traditional wellness shifted to a whole-person approach that addressed physical, emotional, work and financial well-being. At every stage, CCHMC executives acted as program champions, sponsoring activities and creating a physical presence at key events.

CCHMC dug into the data. Together with the Limeade Business Analytics team, they found a correlation between PTO and engagement and well-being. So, they doubled-down, offering extra PTO day as a top-tier reward. And when the Limeade Turnover Dashboard showed a 14.2% difference in turnover between un-registered employees versus participants, CCHMC knew they were capable of impacting broader business goals.


The results at CCHMC speak for themselves. In the 2017-2018 program 89% of eligible employees are registered for the program and user satisfaction is strong. A Limeade analysis also found that program participants’ health costs increased at a lower rate than non-participants.[1] Today, CCHMC is well on its way to achieving results in both desired areas: medical claims have slowed, and employee well-being and engagement is on the rise.

[1] 27% vs. 42% over 4 years, (citation)
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"With our huge responsibility to give care to children and their families, we need to be at our best."

Michael Fisher, President and CEO


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