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Bringing the whole person well-being model to Kindred Healthcare

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Problem: Adapting a whole person well-being model to medical professionals

Kindred Healthcare operates hospitals, nursing centers and rehab facilities across the nation. They also employ around 88,000 people across 2,500 locations. So, when they set out to reduce turnover and improve well-being and productivity, they knew access and personalization would be obstacles. How do you build a cohesive company culture that supports a dispersed employee population prone to high stress and low self-care?

Solution: Embracing — and communicating — all types of well-being

In search of a solution, Kindred turned to Limeade. The Healthy Steps Wellness program kicked off with a well-being assessment and biometric screening. Employees were then incentivized to complete activities designed to improve physical, emotional, work and financial well-being.

Employees in the brick-and-mortar locations were supported with farmers markets, annual wellness fairs, mobile mammography units and a new onsite health clinic. To engage nurses and in-home caregivers without consistent access to activities and computers, Kindred encouraged mobile program access, provided buzzworthy team challenges and encouraged participation in local activities.

Kindred’s many HR resources were difficult to find and underutilized. For example, Kindred offered telemedicine to employees based on their choice of medical plan, but utilization was low. After just three months of integrating with Healthy Steps Wellness, Kindred saw a 400% increase in registration for one medical plan. The other two medical plans increased registration by 120% and 200%. 

Results: Showing the value of a holistic approach to well-being

More than 70% of medical eligible employees and spouses participate in Healthy Steps Wellness each year and the improvements have been outstanding. Further analysis[1] found significant improvement in overall health and productivity indicators.

Kindred saw an impact in turnover as well. The Limeade Turnover Dashboard showed that employees who participated in five or more activities had 50% lower turnover.[2]

[1] Using a three-year cohort of program users
[2] Than non-participants
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"We selected Limeade because they were different. We selected Limeade because they wanted to understand Kindred and our business and our challenges and make it Kindred's program and not Limeade’s off the shelf program."

Andrea Romisher, Senior Vice President,
Benefits & Compensation

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