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In 2008, Mercury Insurance, one of the nation’s largest auto insurance companies, launched its first wellness program. The traditional approach focused on biometric screenings and offered limited next steps. With nearly 5,000 employees across over 40 locations, Mercury was eager to tap into local subcultures and help people feel connected to corporate goals and leadership. Their program just wasn’t cutting it.


Their lackluster results led Mercury to Limeade, a partnership that created My Health at Mercury. The new program quickly gained traction, encouraging not just awareness, but action. In a bold move, Mercury eliminated biometric screenings and instead incentivized preventative care.

Trust is a core value at Mercury, and it needed to show up early and often in the program. Every challenge in My Health at Mercury became 100% self-reported. Company leaders also knew that they needed employee champions org-wide, so they created Well-Being Ambassadors to cheer others on, pitch challenge ideas to managers and more. As trust grew, so did participation — Mercury extended the program to spouses.


After implementing My Health at Mercury, the results quickly stacked up. Not only did employee participation increase 12% over two years, Mercury experienced a 0% increase in healthcare costs in 2016, the first time in 10 years.

In 2017, Mercury and Limeade analyzed the correlation between My Health at Mercury and overall employee engagement. What they found was striking: employee engagement increased 5.8% — a potential revenue impact of nearly $1 million.

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"We chose Limeade because engagement is their specialty. Today, that has proven to be true."

Bill Medina, Director of Payroll, Benefits & Cash Control