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Bringing well-being to isolated employee populations

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Two flagship universities, four regional universities, 10 two-year colleges, 8,000 benefits-eligible employees and 44,000 students. That’s the Montana University System (MUS). With a massive network of dedicated employees, MUS faced an added challenge: no centralized email system. HR knew it needed to get creative in reaching and inspiring well-being across a large employee population.


In search of a solution that could connect employees and combat stress, MUS partnered with Limeade to design MUS Wellness. The goals were simple in theory: to improve health and empower program users to be champions of their own well-being. To address employee silos, MUS took advantage of already popular employee resources like social media, an employee-facing blog and in-person events, to direct people to MUS Wellness. Once employees registered, they were met with a culturally-relevant, whole-person program that took them on a personalized well-being journey.

Then MUS launched Limeade Interactive, a video and quiz add-on that transforms bite-size videos into targeted challenges. This was a fun way for employees to receive important information, and the analytics helped MUS managers see how their messages were being received.


Employees are more likely to experience high well-being when they feel supported by their employer. The MUS well-being journey is a prime example.

After their 2014 program launch, MUS saw a significant year-over-year improvement in health, well-being and productivity for at-risk employees.

MUSWellness - Montana University System

"Limeade has enabled us to reach a population that's located across the state and bring a centralized, cohesive feel to the MUS Wellness program."

Cristin Stokes, Nutrition Specialist and MUS Wellness Program Manager

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