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Staying safe on the job and reducing debt at home

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Puget Sound Energy (PSE) provides safe and affordable energy to nearly 2 million customers in 10 Washington counties. To make it all possible, they rely on a varied work force across the state, from office administrators to field engineers. With nearly 30% of employees in the field, PSE needed a unified solution for whole-person well-being, including tools to help improve workplace safety and increase participation in corporate initiatives.


Enter Limeade. When myWellness launched, leaders knew that sustaining participation would require a whole-person approach. Injury prevention and physical health were top priorities, so they built them into the myWellness program to drive utilization. Using content from Vimocity, a jobsite safety vendor, and Limeade technology, employees were targeted with relevant classes based on job role and location. And realizing the impact of financial stress on employees, PSE integrated SmartDollar to help people make the most of their money, with budget, savings and debt reduction tools.

At every step, community-building was key. myWellness partnered with City of Bellevue to target energy reduction in a simple way: skipping the elevator and taking the stairs. After launching a myWellness challenge that promoted this initiative, employees contributed to a 5% energy reduction across the city of Bellevue. Even better, PSE employees say they’re hooked on taking the stairs. 


Utilization of these programs not only increased, but employees are changing habits and feeling the impact. More than 800 field employees participated in the Limeade-Vimocity challenge, and 98% reported feeling a positive impact on their bodies after just the first workshop.

32% of employees participated in the SmartDollar challenge, with nearly $400,000 in eliminated debt and a 23% increase in personal finance confidence.

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"If you're not investing in your employees, there's really not much more to invest in. People are first and foremost at PSE and we decided we needed to provide the tools and resources to make sure their well-being is taken care of."

Kimberly Harris, President and CEO

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