Expanding Employee Well-Being and Engagement to Global Workforce Pays Dividends for Tax Firm

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Ryan offers end-to-end tax services, software and technology that reaches more than 16,000 clients in over 50 countries. Ryan’s 2,900 employees are at the core of its award-winning global business strategy that has made it a “Fortune Best Place to Work” for four consecutive years. 


To ensure its employees were thriving, Ryan implemented a well-being program that had high adoption among its U.S. workforce — but it didn’t resonate with global employees. The program made it difficult for Ryan to reach its global population and overcome cultural barriers to create a consistent employee experience. Introducing scale and localization with a comprehensive, connected employee experience through Limeade Well-Being and Limeade Engagement is helping Ryan achieve these goals — and more.


Ryan identified that Limeade aligned with its company values centered around elevating the employee experience and launched their branded Limeade program, RyanTHRIVE,
leveraging Limeade Well-Being and Limeade Engagement solutions. Ryan was drawn to Limeade because the offering provides a unified, personalized approach to well-being and engagement that keeps employees connected with each other and their organizational leaders.

RyanTHRIVE gave the firm a robust, built-in communication system, access to comprehensive reporting, surveys and insights and clear actions that help employees and leaders improve wellbeing and engagement. Ryan wasted no time putting these new capabilities to the test. Among the first orders of action were posting videos of the Ryan team — the firm’s executive leaders — encouraging participation in firm-wide activities and launching a survey to vote on the annual gift for Ryan employees in India — its second largest workforce behind the U.S. Another major task was building excitement around the annual employee volunteer day — RyanSHARES — which went virtual amid the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I can't imagine an organization having to navigate through a circumstance as disruptive as COVID-19 without having a platform like Limeade in place to help their people. We know that people are going through stress, anxiety and more — and having a central point that we can say 'here is help' — and our speed to care for people has been there from day one. Telling a story with a single access point and constantly telling them that story over agin is vital right now."

Tony Bridwell, Chief People Officer, Ryan LLC


Since launching RyanTHRIVE, Ryan employees are thriving like never before. With the help of
Limeade, Ryan is seeing huge results.

  • Global employee registration increased to 87% — up from 13% in 2019 under its prior
  • 185% increase in global well-being activity participations 
  • 194% increase in Well-Being Assessment participation 
  • 4x increase in global monthly active users 

The spike in participation encouraged the Ryan team to regularly post videos in RyanTHRIVE and promote the value of the Limeade experience to employees globally. Driving awareness and participation has also allowed the firm to provide thoughtful communications, including polls, surveys and gift ideas for employees in India. These benefits have contributed to Ryan building camaraderie across its global workforce and played a pivotal role in the success of the virtual RyanSHARES event.

Ryan’s steadfast commitment to improving employee well-being and engagement across the globe even resulted in the firm being recognized as a “Centre of Excellence in Wellbeing” by Great Place to Work UK shortly after the launch of RyanTHRIVE.

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“When we found out about this new app and how you can use it to send out communications and keep employees informed, we wanted to use it like a social media app within Ryan. we've found that if you add relevant content and put out messages that matter, people will want to participate."

Rodney D'Souza, Senior Director, India Operations Services, Ryan, LLC

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