Employing Modern Communication Capabilities Helps Ryan Boost Monthly Utilization of its Well-Being Program

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Ryan offers end-to-end tax services, software and technology that reaches more than 16,000 clients in over 50 countries. Ryan’s 2,900 employees are at the core of its award-winning global business strategy that has made it a “Fortune Best Place to Work” for four consecutive years. 


To ensure its employees were thriving, Ryan implemented a well-being program in 2019. The program’s initial hype was met with high adoption and completion of the Well-Being Assessment, but Ryan struggled to maintain participation and further increase awareness. This ultimately led to difficulties with monthly usage, which resulted in only 16% of registered users being active by the year’s end.

In 2020, Ryan set out to drive awareness of the well-being program’s value to employees and build regular participation — and it has been able to achieve these goals and more by fully leveraging the modern communication capabilities built into the Limeade program.


Ryan identified that Limeade aligned with its company values centered around elevating the employee experience and launched its branded Limeade program, RyanTHRIVE.

Ryan was drawn to Limeade because the offering provides a unified, personalized approach to wellbeing and employee engagement that easily keeps employees connected with each other and their organizational leaders.

RyanTHRIVE gave the firm a robust, built-in communication system that fosters community and connection among employees. This proved to be essential amid growing concerns over the onset of COVID-19 in the early months of 2020.

“I can't imagine an organization having to navigate through a circumstance as disruptive as COVID-19 without having a platform like Limeade in place to help their people. We know that people are going through stress, anxiety and more — and having a central point that we can say 'here is help' — and our speed to care for people has been there from day one. Telling a story with a single access point and constantly telling them that story over agin is vital right now."

Tony Bridwell, Chief People Officer, Ryan LLC

Ryan wasted no time putting these new communication capabilities to the test, which helped it build a path to success with RyanTHRIVE.

  • The Ryan team increased awareness by leveraging the program to post useful tips and tricks that amplified its value for employees.
  • The program generated interest by empowering employees to participate in important initiatives — including voting for their annual gift.
  • It fostered community by connecting employees for trivia competitions and sharing stories and images of life at home during the pandemic.
  • RyanTHRIVE even maximized participation by giving employees a platform for sharing how they gave back to their communities when the firm’s annual community service event was canceled.


In 2020, RyanTHRIVE became integral for employees to share and access information and build community within the firm. Expanding the program’s communication capabilities through Limeade allows Ryan to sustain monthly participation growth among its employees like never before.

  • 2X increase in monthly active users
  • 7% increase in registered users 
  • 16% increase in Well-Being Assessment participation 
  • 21% increase in employees participating in well-being activities 
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“Our well-being offering has really matured and is serving a broad and meaningful role in our team members' experience. We are not only providing them tools and resources to support their holistic well-being, but we are also connecting them to each other, which has proven more important this year than ever before."

Nicole Baker, Vice President, Global Total Rewards, Ryan, LLC

Nicole Baker - Ryan-MAU

“When we found out about this new app and how you can use it to send out communications and keep employees informed, we wanted to use it like a social media app within Ryan. we've found that if you add relevant content and put out messages that matter, people will want to participate."

Rodney D'Souza, Senior Director, India Operations Services, Ryan, LLC

Rodney Dsouza - Ryan-MAU