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Every Connection Counts — An engineering company's journey to reaching every employee

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TE Connectivity designs and manufactures connectivity and sensor products for harsh environments in a variety of industries. They came to Limeade looking to solve three major pain points:

  • Reach 40,000 offline manufacturing employees that were divided into 10 different businesses across 60 countries worldwide
  • Send targeted employee communications that were relevant to employees' jobs and where they lived
  • Empower other employees to communicate with their teams and to share messages that related to their specific business

Existing tools such as email, SharePoint, and their previous employee communications channels provided serious challenges in terms of who received communications and the level of personalization that was allowed.


With the Limeade ONE app, TE Connectivity was able to solve all three of their major pain points. With the Limeade ONE app, they synced all of their employee data and credentials with their HR systems, allowing them to directly reach specific populations based on a variety of different attributes. This allowed managers to communicate directly with their employees using their team-specific channels.

TE Connectivity uses the Limeade ONE app to target messages to over 1,400 unique employee groups, offering content in 22 unique languages. They reach specific employees based on criterial like function, business, region, city and even their specific building location.


A main key to TE Connectivity's success has been the training extension added to the Limeade ONE app. This extension has allowed them to train content creators around the globe on how to use the app and how to author messages for their teams and departments. On average, these employees are creating 175 messages for their teams per month, an increase of over 200% from their previous platform.

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"As an executive, I love using our app. Regardless of where I'm working, I can always stay up to date with news and events throughout our company. It’s great to see how our employees recognize each other and engage with our content in ways we never experienced before. As CMO, I’m also particularly intrigued by the data and metrics that we can view within the app. We are pushing our internal communicators to drive adoption, increase engagement and truly use this platform to reach our entire employee audience.”

Kari Janavitz, TE Connectivity CMO

Kari Janavitz - TE Connectivity