Engaged employees, better business results – Limeade is good for people and for companies. 

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The Limeade Customer Success Team provides expert support and guidance for our customers. Our Strategic Account Executives (SAEs) take a hands-on approach to meeting customers where they’re at, identifying important goals and offering personalized, actionable and data-backed recommendations that achieve real results. Our goal is to deliver a program that users love — one that adds value and inspires customers to share with others.

Meet our Customer Success Team

What Our Customers Say

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"Since the Limeade program launched, we've noticed a change around the engagement, the energy and the collaboration. It allows us to drive initiatives across the entire enterprise, and it's really resulted in great gains from a cultural standpoint."

– Brenna Preisser,
CHRO at Brunswick

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“An engaged employee is somebody that wakes up every day passionate about the mission, comes in and does their job exceedingly well, and continually asks themselves, what else can we do to make this better? Limeade helps us make this a reality"

– Joel Sacks, Director of Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

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“Limeade was the right choice for us for a couple reasons. One - the technology. And most importantly - their specialty is engagement. Today that's proven to be true."

– Bill Medina, Director of Payroll, Benefits & Cash Control at Mercury Insurance