Limeade Partner Network


Limeade delivers the relevant resources and tools companies need to elevate their employee experience. Going beyond novelty add-ons and offering the ability to work with your own preferred partners, our flexible approach to integration allows Limeade to tailor programs to the unique needs of your organization.

For your people, that means a seamless user experience. For your organization, it means your most important people program metrics, all in one place.

Want to create a program that integrates your own HR and people program ecosystem?

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Go beyond corporate wellness to help them bring their best with Aduro.

Aduro provides an inclusive approach to human performance that builds intrinsic momentum and guides people to make meaningful choices that turn into organizational outcomes, deepening engagement and invigorating company culture.

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Support their mindfulness when work and life get stressful with Whil.

Whil develops digital training programs to help with employee mental well-being, mindfulness, stress resilience, sleep and improved performance. Through repeatable skills, Whil supports happier, healthier employees to create a thriving workforce.

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Give them the power of their personal fitness data with Fitbit.

Fitbit helps people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration and guidance to reach their goals. Fitbit designs products and experiences that track everyday health and fitness.


Healthcare concierge
Sleep health
Rewards and reimbursement
Biometric screenings
On-Demand Fitness
Wellness coaching
Mental health
Program rewards
Mental health
Program rewards
Health tracking
Financial well-being
Wellness coaching
Mindfulness training

An Enhanced Experience

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Our proven solution providers streamline management and increase the use of all programs through communication, machine learning, program design and more.

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Personalized programs and activities create a relevant experience for employees, and seamlessly integrated partner programs shape a well-designed user journey.

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Working with Limeade improves adoption of partner programs and the simple, modern API-based integration ensures that customers never have to do the heavy lifting.

Integrations - Our Partners


Searching for functionality, content or services not covered by our existing partnerships? Need a deeper integration to make Limeade work for your organization?

No problem. Limeade can integrate with your trusted partners or help your team find the right solution. We’re dedicated to making life and work easier for employees, starting with simplified access to the information and content you need them to see. Our smart hub technology connects disparate HR and people programs to Limeade through our integration center.

We’ve integrated with over 250 companies to share data, build a seamless user experience and drive better results. We have experience integrating with:

  • Device partners
  • Content partners
  • Benefits administration partners