Fitbit adds new partner apps and clock faces to improve users’ health

(Story originally appeared on Android Community)

Wearables have gone beyond just telling you how many steps you’ve taken or if someone sends you a message. Companies like Fitbit have been working to bring its users even more benefits, especially when it concerns health and wellness. They recently opened up its software development kit and now we’re seeing the first batch of partner apps and clock faces that can help manage medical conditions and improve the wellness of those using the devices and the accompanying services.

Healthcare leaders like Diplomat and well-being companies like Humana are bringing new tools to your Fitbit accessories and will complement the other developer apps that are now available in the Fitbit Gallery. There are now more than 18,000 developers in the Fitbit developer community who are actively creating content and so brands are finding new ways to meet the healthcare needs of consumers. James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit, says that since smartwatches are powerful and convenient platforms, they have brought it upon themselves to “bring important health information to the wrist.”

Here are some of the health apps and clock faces that were built using Fitbit’s SDK. Dexcom is bringing their continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) tools to the Fitbit Ionic and Versa to help diabetics better manage their condition alongside their activity data. Diplomat’s care management services platform will help oncology patients manage their treatment through medication and prescription reminders. Fitabase Engage is a tool for researchers to collect data from subjects using custom feedback and prompts.

Go365 by Humana is a wellness and rewards program that should be incentive for you to live a healthier life. Limeade has an app and clock face that will bring you quick surveys and daily tips for your well-being. One Drop is a virtual diabetes care platform while Sickweather provides sickness forecast in your current location. Meanwhile, the Walgreens app will let you find the nearest pharmacy and also view your Balance Rewards points. Most of these apps can now be found in the Fitbit Gallery while some will be released in the second half of the year.