Is Winning at Business at Odds With Well-Being?

(Interview originally appeared on UWTV)

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Envision a world where all businesses thrive through smart implementation of impact strategies. Impact Over Easy invites CEOs and executives to learn how business can include impact practices via dialog with a local thought leader.

The third episode in the series highlights Limeade CEO Henry Albrecht and how companies can measure health and happiness. Starting in 2006, Limeade was a pioneer in focusing on the well-being of employees as a priority. Moderated by Hanson Hosein, director of the Communications Leadership program at the UW, and hosted by VentureScale, SPC, Impact Over Easy reconsiders and re-imagines impact in the 21st century with a live studio audience.

Hanson Hosein, director, Communications Leadership program, UW
Henry Albrecht, CEO, Limeade