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Forbes Recognizes Limeade’s Hiring Practices as Leading Example of Fostering Corporate Culture

BYU and By Monday, Inc. Recognize Limeade as Highest Rated Company in Intrapreneur Index Study Bellevue, Washington – December 19, 2013 Limeade, an enterprise engagement platform that focuses on performance, wellness and incentives to build high-performance workforces, has been designated as the highest rated company in Intrapreneurship by Brigham Young University’s Entrepreneurship Center and By Monday, Inc., joint sponsors of the Intrapreneur Index study. The Intrapreneur Index is an international study that helps leaders promote creativity, innovation and change through strategically aligned Employee Engagement. With employee engagement at all time lows around the world, there is increased pressure to find new ways to maximize workforce productivity while improving the relationship between employers and employees. Limeade has achieved remarkable engagement levels among its employees, in part due to an intentional culture based on positive values such as “Anything is possible,” “Own it,” and “We’re a team.” Thanks in part to these values, Limeade achieved an unprecedented 92 percent completion rate in the Intrapreneur Index. When asked about the results, Larry Myler, CEO of By Monday, Inc. said, “Our research team was quite surprised when the Limeade results came in. It wasn’t until we learned more about the organization that the reason for such high scores became apparent. If we could only bottle the Limeade culture, I think there’s a great market for that.” Limeade scored a perfect score of 100 in several categories including helping others succeed and acting with a sense of urgency. Similarly, the company scored a near perfect 98 related to bouncing back after and learning from setbacks, inviting and responding to feedback, and asking tough but essential questions. BYU and By Monday’s report recognizes Limeade as the highest performing company they’ve ever evaluated in terms of workforce and organizational readiness. Limeade was also one of few organizations to be recognized for particularly high scores in the areas of individual and social motivation and ability. According to one employee response in the report, “This organization rewards ideas and innovation more than any company I’ve worked for – and understands that great ideas can come from anywhere. I think this is one of the reasons why we are winning in our industry compared to more established, hierarchical competitors.” As recognized in Forbes, Limeade uses ambitious company values and strict screening criteria to ensure that its employees start and stay engaged. Tactics that help bring in engaged employees include creative questions that ask what candidates would do with millions of dollars in funding, as well as questions that evaluate an applicant’s sense of personal ownership and ability to overcome failure. The company also practices a firm “no jerks” hiring policy. Limeade CEO, Henry Albrecht said, “We’ve learned that creating an intentional culture for our company starts with active recruiting. At Limeade, we focus on identifying prospective employees who have a proven track record of engagement (via social or professional avenues) and are interested in a collaborative approach to reaching goals. We believe this recognition from BYU and By Monday is validation that Limeade is exemplifying best practices for engaging and empowering our employees to drive new levels of workforce productivity.” About Limeade Limeade is an enterprise engagement, wellness and incentives company focused on building happy, healthy, high-performance workforces. Limeade’s flexible SaaS technology platform and refreshingly positive approach has made it the market-leader for engagement and results. Limeade clients include many of the biggest and best employers in the world. Learn more at