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Limeade Announces Employee Engagement Dashboard

With new insights, customers take action to improve real engagement

(Bellevue, WA) August 7, 2017Limeade, an employee engagement company, released its new Limeade Engagement Dashboard designed to measure and improve employee engagement. This new dashboard is part of a series of Limeade Insights Dashboards that connect well-being and engagement to business results. Limeade defines employee engagement as the deep connection and sense of purpose at work that creates extra energy and commitment among employees.

“When companies invest in the well-being of their people, their people are more engaged and drive better business results,” said Tony Kippen, VP of Business Insights at Limeade, referring to research linking employee engagement to higher productivity, lower turnover, higher customer satisfaction, and increased profitability, among other results. “The Limeade Engagement Dashboard helps employers measure engagement with summary charts and heat maps. It also helps them dig into the underlying drivers – which empowers them to take immediate action with activities in their Limeade program.”

“The Engagement Dashboard provides a quick picture of the level of engagement within the company,” said Summer Banks, Benefits Consultant at ABB. “I look forward to using this tool to give direction for which challenges to provide and continue to grow engagement across all employee demographics.”

The Engagement Dashboard
The Limeade Well-Being Assessment, which includes employee engagement questions known as the Engagement Index, is the primary data source for the Engagement Dashboard. This Engagement Index measures current levels of engagement as well as the well-being factors that drive engagement. Examples include: “being energized by my work”, “being valued by my employer” “using my greatest strengths” and “contributing to something that matters” at work.

Unlike other traditional engagement measurement tools, the Engagement Dashboard highlights data in real-time and uncovers actionable new insights. Specifically, the dashboard displays:

  • Overall engagement levels ranging from actively engaged to actively disengaged
  • Year-over-year percent changes in employee engagement and the potential revenue impact of these changes
  • Engagement drivers including work-life balance, positive relationships, work meaning and ability to improve
  • Heat maps that show engagement levels by user group
  • Graphs that illustrate the relationship between well-being and engagement

“This gives us an opportunity to quickly analyze sub-groups, and look for outliers or interesting subsets that drive ideas for challenges or specific program outreach,” said Jason Landry, Senior Director of Shared Services and Total Rewards at Brinker International. “This identifies what we need to work on to see the largest areas of opportunity without a lot of work.”

“We want to ensure this dashboard provides actionable insights that help customers effectively shape their programs to support employees,” said Kippen. “We added the potential revenue analysis to show how important employee engagement is for overall business success. By doing this, we’re speaking directly to the C-Suite and elevating the importance of well-being and engagement for employees.”

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Limeade uses aggregate data to guide the design of positive programs, while remaining committed to protecting employee privacy. The Limeade Insights Dashboards adhere to stringent HIPAA privacy standards, protecting personally identifiable data from all program administrators. To protect employee privacy, the Insights Dashboards only show anonymized aggregate data and never show data for groups with fewer than 20 people.

The Limeade Engagement Dashboard was piloted to several Limeade customers in July. Starting today, the dashboard is available to all qualifying Limeade customers.

For more information about the Limeade Insights Dashboards, please visit or email [email protected]

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