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Limeade Challenges CEOs to Engage

Bellevue, WA — December 3, 2013 — Limeade, an enterprise engagement platform that focuses on performance, wellness and incentives to build high-performance workforces, today announced a global CEO Engagement Challenge encouraging leaders to focus on their well-being for 21 days throughout the holiday season. Each day features a simple, fun, and inspiring new challenge designed to boost well-being among global leaders.

With healthcare reform in the national spotlight and the holiday season ramping up, there’s never been a better time for company leaders to set a positive example when it comes to engagement, health and well-being. Business leaders face daunting challenges every day: nonstop travel, stress, elusive exercise opportunities, and a schedule packed with meetings – not to mention end-of-year business intensity. These factors combine to create a stressful environment at odds with maximum energy.

As if these distractions weren’t enough, CEOs also work in an era where trust in the world’s businesses and leaders has hit an all-time low, damaging employee engagement and productivity. The challenge is designed to engage leaders as human beings, and to allow their leadership to shine, inspiring employees and attracting additional talent.

“Too many CEOs put health and well-being on the back burner. Our goal with the CEO Engagement Challenge is to show leaders a better way to have and emanate energy in just a few minutes a day,” said Limeade CEO Henry Albrecht.

Limeade invites global business leaders to join the challenge from December 3 to December 23, 2013.  That’s 21 days of mind-, body- and soul-building activities that will end the year with a bang. Leaders willing to take a risk can sign up at

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