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Limeade Daily recommends habits to improve engagement and well-being

Simple mobile feature offers a daily dose of insight

Bellevue, Wash., Nov. 21, 2017 — Today Limeade, an employee engagement platform, unveiled Limeade Daily, a new mobile experience with daily pulse questions, personalized insights and recommended actions.

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“Improving well-being and engagement comes down to activities and actions we take every day,” said Lee Rossini, vice president of product and marketing at Limeade. “We created Limeade Daily to deliver meaningful personal insights in a simple, powerful way. By quickly answering a few questions each day, employees will uncover their own patterns and can take action to improve.”

Daily Dose of Insight
Rooted in positive psychology and Limeade Institute research, Limeade Daily encourages habits that address physical, emotional, financial and work well-being. Work well-being includes employee engagement, commitment, purpose and other factors.

Limeade Daily asks a few simple questions including, “How is work?” or “How did you sleep?” Employees answer these questions each day by simply checking a box or writing in their own answer.

Over time, the mobile experience tracks user answers and displays results in a trend graph. Users can explore their own trends to uncover insights about work and life. After answering a few questions, employees immediately start receiving one of nearly 250 simple habit-building recommendations and nudges to help them improve.

From “Listen to a podcast or watch a video about a skill or topic you want to learn more about,” to “Swap at least one can of soda for water,” these actionable recommendations are quick and easy to complete. The daily recommendation also prompts users to provide feedback on actions they found useful, which will better personalize their experience.

“Limeade Daily augments the Limeade Well-Being Assessment and Limeade Interactive quiz capabilities,” said Rossini. “It gathers real-time data to improve the recommendations. This will continue to advance and is a natural extension of our big data and machine learning engine.”

Personalization is Key
“Personalization is a critical component of creating a great employee experience, along with simplification,” said Mollie Lombardi, CEO of Aptitude Research Partners, which studies HCM technology trends. “By delivering simple, personal, actionable insights, Limeade Daily can help individuals and organizations shape their future by changing behaviors. And, users get to see their progress toward their goals, which is great motivation to stay engaged with good habits.”

According to Limeade Institute research, when employees feel their employer cares about their well-being, they are 38 percent more engaged. Providing tools and resources, like Limeade Daily, is one of most important ways employers can demonstrate this support for their employees.

“When employers help their employees bring their whole selves to work, they’re showing they authentically care for their employees,” said Rossini. “Limeade Daily is a reflection of this approach. It’s a fun and easy way for employees to build habits, improve their well-being and feel more engaged. And we all know a more engaged workforce leads to better business results.”

Limeade Daily will be available in early December within the highly-rated Limeade App, which is available for iOS and Android users. To learn more about Limeade Daily, please email [email protected]

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