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Limeade Expands Its Commitment to the Global Employee Experience

Limeade keeps employees worldwide engaged with new Global Well-Being Assessment; adds two international offices, four Azure based data centers and 26 global customers

Bellevue, Wash., October 4, 2018 – Today employee engagement company Limeade expanded its global offering to deliver a more relevant and engaging employee experience to international workforces. The company’s new user-centric Global Well-Being Assessment, new international offices and data centers and growing global customer-base are the latest advancements for the Limeade global offering.

“These key milestones underscore our commitment to the Limeade mission of improving well-being in the world,” said Henry Albrecht, Limeade CEO. “Great companies transcend borders. Employees across countries, languages and time zones should feel deeply connected to their company’s purpose. While employees improve their own well-being and engagement at work, employers can rest assured that data privacy and security is paramount.”

New enhancements to the Limeade global offering include:

  • Global Well-Being Assessment – Based on the industry-leading Limeade Well-Being Assessment, this global adaptation helps individuals measure and improve their whole-person well-being in a way that’s culturally relevant. Users can learn more about their own well-being and can participate in the full Limeade experience, while employers can better understand trends among their global populations.
  • Limeade offices in Germany and Canada – The company expanded its physical presence opening new offices in Oldenburg, Germany and Ottawa, Canada. International employees span across disciplines and support users around the world.
  • Four Microsoft Azure Based Data Centers – Limeade added new data centers in four Azure regions to its global infrastructure – two in North America, one in Europe and one in Asia-Pacific. This advances the global scalability of the Limeade Employee Engagement Platform and supports the company’s commitment to global security and compliance following its recent announcements of Privacy Shield certification and adherence to GDPR. This move also reinforces the company’s nearly 13-year commitment to Microsoft-based technology infrastructure.
  • 26 customers added to the Limeade roster – Limeade welcomed 26 global enterprise customers focused on improving the employee experience and becoming great employers. The new roster includes Restaurant Brands, Otto Group, Sartorius, OHB System AG and GHD Group.

Limeade global image 1 1024x661 - Limeade Expands Its Commitment to the Global Employee Experience

The Limeade global offering

The Limeade global offering provides meaningful activities designed to improve the whole-person, with a global well-being assessment that personalizes the experience. Limeade works with customers to understand their business and HR goals, and then delivers tailored programs that are both culturally and personally relevant.

Components of the offering include:

  • A year-round program with 60 culturally relevant activities, professionally pre-translated in 10 languages
  • Unifying featured activities that rally employees around a common purpose
  • Integrations with globally certified partners like Fitbit, Amazon, Achievers and more
  • A personalized experience through targeted resources & activities
  • Well-being and engagement dashboards and pulse surveys
  • Team challenges, the Limeade Community social feed and integrations with Microsoft Office 365 applications to drive positive social connections
  • Relevant extrinsically and intrinsically motivating rewards
  • Compliance with evolving regulations including Privacy Shield and GDPR

“Limeade has a long-standing commitment to data privacy and security, having been HIPAA compliant since 2008. Through a robust set of information security policies and technical controls, we store and protect company, employee and other critical data every day,” said Erick Rivas, Limeade Chief Technology Officer. “This extends naturally for our global programs, which adhere to global privacy and security laws. We take our commitment to our global customers and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) very seriously. The Azure regional data centers are our latest step to providing the best user experience for customers around the globe.”