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Limeade Expands Smart Hub with New Integration Center

Limeade delights customers with faster partner integrations

Bellevue, WA, Oct. 19, 2017 — Today Limeade, an employee engagement company, released the Limeade Integration Center, a cornerstone of the Limeade Smart Hub integration platform. With more than 250 integrations and a curated partner network, the Limeade Smart Hub creates personalized and relevant well-being and engagement experiences for large employers and their employees.

“It’s common for HR tech to provide a litany of links to dozens of programs. But that’s overwhelming and doesn’t provide thoughtfully curated experiences,” said Limeade CEO, Henry Albrecht who started Limeade in 2006 to improve well-being in the world. “Limeade guides users to the programs and tools that are most relevant and meaningful for them. We are not optimizing for a transactional shopping experience, we’re focused on helping people improve at work and in life in an ongoing way.”

Limeade Integration Center
Using Limeade APIs, partners can quickly and easily build integrations directly with the Limeade platform. These APIs make it simple to automatically share data and create more real-time experiences for users.

With the new Integration Center, Limeade can also onboard new partners significantly faster and accelerate time to launch new engagement programs. Most importantly, Limeade makes navigation in and out of partner programs seamless for the user.

“With a one-click way to integrate partners, the Integration Center is a game changer for everyone,” said Eric Ranta, vice president of partners. “We’re thrilled to make the customer experience with the Limeade partner network – from integration to management – even more streamlined.”

Integration Center Zoomed22 - Limeade Expands Smart Hub with New Integration Center

Limeade Partner Network
Limeade curates its partner network to offer a selection of proven solutions that integrate directly with Limeade programs and strategically support employee well-being and engagement.

“While we’re able to integrate with any existing customer program, we’re focused on developing deeper relationships with select partners we trust and know will provide immense value to our customers,” said Ranta. “We’re building robust integrations with them to ensure employees and employers have a simple, seamless experience.”

With integrated Limeade partners, employees will see partner activities in their program and will automatically earn points when they complete them – even if the activities are completed outside the Limeade program. Additionally, partner activities can be targeted to sub populations to ensure the right employees are directed to the right resources at the right time.

Select Limeade partners include:

  • ADURO – lifestyle, performance and outcomes-based coaching, and biometric screenings with concierge service
  • Accolade – on-demand healthcare concierge services
  • Gift Card – for rewards management
  • Fitbit – for connected wellness data experiences
  • GlobalFit – for discounted gym membership and fitness rewards
  • meQuilibrium – for resilience coaching
  • Tango Card – for integrated gift card reward service
  • TinyPulse – for employee surveys, Cheers for Peers and virtual suggestions

For more information about the Limeade Smart Hub, which includes the new Integration Center and the Limeade Partner Network, please email [email protected] or visit

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