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Limeade Identifies Turnover Risk to Help Employers Retain Top Talent

New diagnostic tool identifies employee groups likely to leave and enables activity to lower turnover risk

Bellevue, Wash., June 19, 2018 – Today employee engagement company Limeade launched a new diagnostic tool that identifies employee groups most likely to leave and helps employers take action before they do. The tool is the latest addition to the self-serve Limeade Turnover Dashboard that displays how well-being and engagement program participation relates to employee turnover and retention.

“With the U.S. unemployment rate at its lowest in 18 years, it’s an employees’ job market. Top performers are seeking purpose, career growth and support from their company both at work and in life — and they’re willing to change jobs to find it,” said Lee Rossini, VP of Product at Limeade. “By uncovering turnover risk in key employee groups, companies can intervene with well-being tools, resources and growth opportunities when employees need it most.”

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With the Limeade Turnover Dashboard, employers can review and manipulate interactive charts to understand population turnover trends in different departments, locations, countries and more. Powered by machine learning, the new turnover risk diagnostic tool drills even further into program data, identifying turnover risk within key locations, divisions and other sub-populations. The Limeade platform uses these insights to deliver relevant content and activities to the groups at highest risk for turnover.

“Employees not only crave personalized technology — they expect it,” said Tony Kippen, VP of Business Insights at Limeade. “We’re leveraging a number of science-backed indicators of turnover to assign risk to each employee group in aggregate. The Limeade platform will get even smarter over time to deliver an experience that’s more timely, more personalized and keeps employees coming back for more.”

Turnover risk is defined using a predictive data science algorithm and 40 variables including Limeade Well-Being Assessment responses and Limeade platform activity. The algorithm uses modern machine learning technologies and will iterate and improve over time.

The Limeade Turnover Dashboard is based on employee eligibility data and doesn’t require additional third-party data. It doesn’t report at the individual level, allowing employers to take broad action to support all employees.

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