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Limeade Launches Limeade Cares Foundation, Infusing Social Giving into the Limeade Employee Experience

Technology-enabled social giving program is inspired by new research on the science of care

Bellevue, Wash, June 26, 2019 – Today employee experience software company Limeade launched the Limeade Cares Foundation, an employee giving initiative focused on creating giving habits and providing support for employees to care for others. Every Limeade employee can earn credits by participating in voluntary company activities, which they can then donate to the 501c3 charity of their choice, with a 100% 2019 Foundation match from Henry Albrecht, Limeade CEO. The Foundation was inspired by Limeade Institute research on the relationship between care, well-being, inclusion and engagement.

“We created the Limeade Cares Foundation to show how care extends past the four walls of the office. When employers connect a great employee experience to a richer community life, they build a sense of mutual care and commitment,” said Albrecht “Limeade has earned a reputation as a pioneer in creating habits relating to well-being, inclusion, employee engagement and more — and now we’re extending the same approach to social giving. We know this can be done in a fun, approachable, tech-enabled way that makes a true impact.”

Employees are stressed about the future and want to make a difference, but often have trouble justifying charitable donations or think they have to “give big” to make an impact. They feel happier when they donate to causes they care about, but 43% of adults reported not giving to charity because of personal financial constraints. By enabling employees to create small giving habits while making their own personal improvements, the Limeade Cares Foundation reinforces the company’s belief that all aspects of a caring employee experience are connected.

How the Limeade Cares Foundation works

Limeade employees participate in Team Limeade — an employee experience platform connecting solutions for well-being, engagement, inclusion and communications on the same Limeade ONE platform their customers use. As they complete science-backed activities designed to elevate culture, they are automatically awarded Limeade Cares Foundation credits. Through the platform, employees then direct their credits to the 501c3 charity of their choice with a single click. Each donation is matched automatically and can be viewed and liked by colleagues.

“Many employee programs focus on extrinsic motivation like cash, gift cards and payroll contributions, but our research shows that balancing these with more meaningful rewards like giving to charity is more effective,” said Dr. Laura Hamill, Chief People Officer at Limeade and Chief Science Officer of the Limeade Institute. “Rewarding employees by empowering them to improve the world is the ultimate display of care, and we hope other companies will be inspired by our approach.”

“We want purpose, meaning and community — in and out of work — to be top-of-mind,” said Albrecht. “The Limeade Cares Foundation was created to spark a fun, healthy discourse around the causes that connect us and make us unique.”

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