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Limeade Releases New Research Revealing Positive Employee Experience Drivers at the Gartner ReimagineHR Conference 2020

Culture, care and trust are key drivers of positive employee experiences and better business outcomes, study shows

Gartner ReimagineHR Conference, October 14, 2020Limeade, an employee experience software company, today announced the release of the Limeade Institute’s most recent employee experience (EX) study, Key Drivers & Outcomes of a Positive Employee Experience at the Gartner ReimagineHR Conference 2020. The survey was designed to examine drivers an outcomes of a positive employee experience, and found a great EX impacts key outcomes like engagement and retention, and that culture, trust and perceptions of feeling cared for are the most critical contributors.

“Based on our findings, it’s clear that the overall employee experience has a powerful impact on an employee’s perception of a company and their intention to stay,” said Dr. Reetu Sandhu, organizational psychologist and manager of the Limeade Institute. “By showing employees care and creating a culture that promotes that and trust, companies can sustain their momentum during this difficult time while supporting their people when they need it most.”

Predictors of a positive employee experience

In exploring which organizational care elements most strongly predict a positive experience, three emerged as statistically significant predictors, exceeding factors such as pay, time off and flexibility in their influence.

  • Care: 84% feel as though their organization cares about them (compared to 5% who report an unfavorable EX)
  • Culture: 93% feel as though the organization has a positive culture (compared to 10% who report an unfavorable EX)
  • Trust: 92% trust their organization (compared to 5% who report an unfavorable EX)

Outcomes of a positive employee experience

Building on existing Limeade Institute research that connects perceptions of care to lower burnout, higher engagement and intent to stay, this study found a similar trend. In this study, employees with a positive employee experience:

  • Strongly agree or agree they are personally engaged in their work (41% vs. 10% for unfavorable EX)
  • Have lower levels of burnout (7% vs. 38% for unfavorable EX)
  • Plan to remain at their company for three years or more (20% vs. 0% for unfavorable EX)

To review a copy of the findings in full, download the Key Drivers & Outcomes of a Positive Employee Experience report. To learn more about how Limeade can help your organization improve its employee experience, visit:

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