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Limeade Tackles Employee Stress with Financial Well-Being

New package makes it easy for employers to support employee well-being improvement


Bellevue, Wash., May 3, 2016 –– Corporate wellness technology company Limeade launched its new financial well-being package today to help employees assess and improve their financial health. The new package empowers employers to provide resources and activities, reward employee participation, and seamlessly integrate with current financial programs.

Financial Well Being Mobile Shot 163x300 - Limeade Tackles Employee Stress with Financial Well-BeingResearch shows that personal finance is one of the top stressors for employees. According to PwC US, 28 percent of employees report personal finance distractions at work, up from 20 percent in 2015.

“We take a whole employee approach to well-being, which includes financial health,” said Justin Jed, vice president of product management at Limeade. “When employees aren’t worried about finances, they’re less stressed and ready to be more engaged at work. This new offering helps employers help employees ─ ultimately improving everyone’s bottom line.”

The new financial well-being package includes the following:

  • Limeade Well-Being Assessment questions about financial well-being, based on recommendations from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau
  • 16 expert-backed financial activities and challenges
  • The ability to reward employee participation in financial activities
  • Integration with existing financial benefits like 401(k) plans


The Limeade Well-Being Assessment questions help employees benchmark all parts of their personal well-being. Once employees understand their financial profile, they can discover and join challenges aligned with their personal goals. As employees complete challenges, they earn points toward company-sponsored rewards, such as health savings account contributions, vacation time and company swag.

The new financial well-being challenges educate employees, recommend specific actions and integrate with the financial benefits employers already provide. Specific challenges include:

  • Check Your Spending Leaks
  • Contribute to Your 401(k)
  • Create or Update Your Will


“We’ve learned that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work,” Jed said. “That’s why we created a variety of financial challenges, so every employee can focus on what matters most ─ from budgeting and debt repayment to retirement readiness.”

Limeade will continue to add financial well-being activities over time. For more information about the new financial well-being package, please contact [email protected].

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