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Limeade Fosters Inclusive Workplaces with New Inclusion+ Solution

Inclusion+ Expands the Limeade Engagement Platform

Bellevue, Wash. (February 13, 2018) – Today, Limeade, an employee engagement company, introduced Limeade Inclusion+, a new solution that helps large employers build more inclusive workplaces. This rich set of software tools and content measures workplace inclusion, provides tangible recommendations to employees, managers and leaders and drives meaningful action to improve the employee experience. 

“Inclusion is the sense of connection employees have at work, which involves feeling valued and respected,” said Dr. Laura Hamill, chief people officer and managing director of the Limeade Institute. “If you don’t feel safe, connected, welcomed and valued at work, you won’t have high well-being or be fully engaged.” 

The negative impacts of workplace loneliness are numerous, including decreased productivity and disengagement. Inclusion is one way employees feel supported by their employer and when they do, employees are 38 percent more engaged at work. 

“We’re addressing the root causes of a non-inclusive culture rather than the traditional approach focused on gender or race quotas,” Dr. Hamill added. “Everyone plays a role in building an inclusive culture, which is why we focused on people’s perceptions of their cultures. And why we developed activities for leaders, managers and employees.” 

Limeade Inclusion+
“People are increasingly interested in the role technology can play in promoting diversity and inclusion,” said Stacia Sherman Garr, vice president Talent & Workforce Research at Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Our research shows that one of the most important steps organizations can take in building an inclusive culture is providing resources that empower individuals to take concrete actions that promote diversity and inclusion. Technology that helps individuals understand what they should do can enable organizations to promote a more inclusive culture.”  

Limeade Product Hero inclusion plus2 300x193 - Limeade Fosters Inclusive Workplaces with New Inclusion+ SolutionLimeade Inclusion+ gives employers a meaningful and timely way to infuse inclusion into the workplace. Employers will uncover insights about their employee populations and can immediately drive action through recommended activities and challenges designed to help employees, managers and leaders make meaningful changes. 

“We developed the Inclusion+ product because we know how technology can help change the way people act in large companies with diverse and dispersed populations,” said Lee Rossini, vice president of product and marketing at Limeade.  “Our single Engagement platform makes it easy for employers to manage these programs and makes it easy for employees to weave activities into their daily lives. This is not a boring lecture or a forgettable training.” 

Inclusion+ is part of a unified platform with well-being, engagement and social recognition solutions. Using interactive quiz and survey capability, Inclusion+ features:

  • Measurement – Employers start with a research-backed inclusion survey that measures employee perception of inclusion at their workplace. Pulse surveys are repeated a few times a year to fuel insights and employers can even add their own videos, trainings and custom questions. Sample questions include: 
    1. I feel comfortable voicing my opinions with my coworkers.
    2. I feel like I belong at this organization.
    3. I have access to a mentor or sponsor who helps me navigate my organization.
    4. My organization values the unique perspectives that I bring to my work.
    5. The culture at my organization views individual differences of employees as a strength of our workforce.
    6. I feel like a variety of backgrounds are represented inside my organization. 
  • Insights – With a real-time dashboard showing the inclusion survey results, employers can filter the data in dozens of ways to understand underlying trends. Limeade experts assist with survey strategy, results interpretation and strategic action plan.
  • Action – Based on the survey results, the Inclusion+ dashboard provides a series of recommended employee, manager and leader activities that flow directly into the Limeade program.
  • Communications  Inclusion+ features communication tools and templates for program and survey launch, as well as follow-up emails to ensure employees understand the importance of an inclusive workplace and how to take part.

“We know people are often overwhelmed and at a loss for how to address workplace inclusion. This is a product for employers building a better company as well as leaders concerned about risk reduction,” added Rossini. “Inclusion+ makes it simple to weave inclusion into current programs, which signals to employees that the company genuinely cares.” 

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