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New Limeade Research Reveals “Communicating with Care” is Critical for Organizations

Limeade Institute demonstrates that free-flowing employee information correlates to higher trust and inclusion, lower employee burnout

Bellevue, Wash., July 15, 2020Limeade, the leading employee experience software company, today announced the release of latest Limeade Institute research on positive organizational communication and its correlation to company care and business results.

The “Organizational Communication White Paper,” which surveyed 354 U.S. employees, found that when employees feel as though information flows freely throughout their organization they are:

  • 3x more likely to feel included at their organization
  • 4x more likely to trust their organization
  • 3x more likely to feel connected to their organization
  • More than 3x more likely to feel valued by their organization
  • Nearly 3x more likely to feel their organization provides a positive employee experience

The report also found that when employees feel they have received adequate information they are:

  • Nearly 3x less likely to feel burned out
  • 5x more likely to feel like their organization cares
  • Nearly twice as likely to feel they have well-being in their life
  • Nearly twice as likely to feel engaged in their work

The Limeade Institute examined how different experiences of organizational communication — specifically around information flow and adequacy — correlates with key aspects of the employee experience including employee engagement, well-being, burnout and inclusion. The Institute also examined how organizational communication relates to feeling valued, trusted and cared for by one’s company.

“Communication is often seen as a simple means to an end — and doesn’t always receive the strategic priority it deserves. If done right, with a touch of humanness and through the lens of care, communication will powerfully and positively impact the employee experience,” said Dr. Reetu Sandhu, Senior Manager, Limeade Institute. “In order to promote positive communications, companies should share information openly and widely. With increasingly hard-to-reach workforces, technology plays an essential role in increasing employee well-being.”

Both centralized communications (when information flows from organization to employees) and de-centralized communications (when information passes from person to person) capabilities are integrated into all Limeade solutions — including Limeade Well-Being, Engagement and Inclusion. This empowers organizations to reach all employees anywhere in the world with relevant information, resources and updates — all designed to show care and support.

“I can’t imagine an organization having to navigate through a circumstance as disruptive as COVID-19 without having a platform like Limeade in place to help their people,” said Tony Bridwell, Chief People Officer at Ryan LLC. “We know that people are going through stress, anxiety and more — and having a central point that we can say ‘here is help’ — our speed to care for people has been there from day one.”

The Limeade platform allows employees to read and comment on company news, videos from organizational leadership and social cheers for co-workers. It enables employees to provide feedback via surveys, polls and quizzes, celebrate personal and professional milestones and easily access relevant documents, benefits, services and more.

“Leading companies prioritize equal access to the same information for all. Transparency multiplies employee trust, well-being, inclusion and so much more.” added Sandhu. “Integrating advanced communications capabilities into all of our solutions was a decision founded in science — and is a fundamental asset for any organization.”

To download a full copy of the Organizational Communication White Paper and learn more visit here.

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