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New Social Solution Extends Limeade Engagement Platform

Social networks and team support are top ways to support employees

Bellevue, WA, Dec. 05, 2017 — Today Limeade, an employee engagement platform, launched Limeade Community, a suite of social features designed to encourage, inspire and recognize employees. From congratulating a team on completing a big milestone to joining others for a walk at lunch, Limeade Community provides forums for employees to connect, communicate and collaborate.

“Limeade Community is a social network with a purpose. It’s designed to elevate company culture. It taps into the shared passion people have for their companies and companies have for their people,” said Vice President of Product and Marketing at Limeade, Lee Rossini. “We’re standing firmly on our well-being and engagement expertise and infusing it into how we approach social recognition in the workplace.”

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A lack of social connection
“Most people’s social resources are dangerously low. They don’t have the tribe around them that their body craves. In fact, the lack of social connection is twice as dangerous as smoking as a health factor,” said David Rock, director NeuroLeadership Institute. “We tend to think about what’s easier to think about, not what’s right to think about. So we go with food and exercise and those things. But actually, the intangible may be more critical.”

“Limeade Community is a new, fun, and evidence-based way employers can foster positive support and improve physical, emotional, financial and work well-being,” said Dr. Laura Hamill, chief people officer and managing research director of the Limeade Institute, which published research on organizational support earlier this year. “We know visible and authentic support from managers, social networks, teams and peers are proven ways that a company can care for its employees. And employees who feel their companies support them are 38% more engaged at work.”

Limeade Community  
Limeade Community is purpose-driven social networking software that taps into the inherent desire for people to belong to supportive groups within their companies. Specifically, the new social features include:

  • Community Feed: Users interact with their work communities through photos, stories, comments and likes.
  • Social Recognition: Users celebrate wins and milestones, while promoting inclusion and belonging.
  • Profile: Users personalize profiles to include relevant information about themselves and adjust their privacy settings.
  • Following: Users can connect with others and subscribe to their friends’ and colleagues’ posts, in addition to the full-company Community Feed.
  • In-product notifications: Users stay up-to-date with social activity alerts, including alerts for new followers, comments and likes on a post.

Unlike other social work tools, Limeade Community is free of advertising and does not include rewards fulfillment, which is handled by Limeade partners. Community Feed is an open forum for social interaction where inappropriate posts or comments can be immediately flagged by users and removed.

“Limeade has been social for more than a decade and we’re expanding our social features to foster positive and meaningful connections both in and out of work,” said Rossini. “Every HR leader I have met wants to build more community and mutual commitment with their people. Limeade Community is a simple way for them to do so.”

To learn more about Limeade Community, please email [email protected]

About Limeade 
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