Webinar slides: Why work-life balance is dead webinar

We just wrapped our second webinar with author Tracy Brower, Ph.D. The “Why work-life balance is dead” presentation explored what work-life integration is and how to achieve it – with case studies, success secrets and a formula for change.

Making the business case for work-life integration

We know work-life balance is dead, and integration’s the new game. But how exactly do you play? Work-life integration expert and author Tracy Brower, Ph.D., shares the steps you need to successfully implement work-life supports at your company.

E-Book: Why work-life balance is dead

Work-life balance is a zero-sum game that says we can’t have it all. Integration lets us to coordinate, blend and bring elements of work and life into a unified whole. In collaboration with author Tracy Brower, Ph.D., our latest e-book gives you real-life examples, insights and tips for having it all.

How to set boundaries in your 24/7 role

As part of our work-life integration Summer Reading Club, every week we’re answering your questions for Tracy. Learn how to manage your work-life integration when you need to be available to your team/manager/customers 24/7.