Well-being: The key to understanding HR’s engagement obsession

Engagement is the future of HR and benefits. Period.

Why? Because engaged employees are focused, energized and enthusiastic. They’re high performers. They enjoy their work. They help their organization see better business results.

Real engagement requires a new way of thinking. And it revolves around these five elements:

  • Well-being — The combination of feeling good and living with purpose
  • Culture — The underlying norms, values and beliefs of an organization that drive employee behavior
  • Engagement — An individual’s sense of purpose and focused energy, which others can see through initiative, adaptability, effort and persistence toward goals
  • Organizational support — The resources and nudges an organization intentionally provides to encourage well-being improvement
  • Whole-person approach — A holistic, evidence-based perspective that acknowledges the interconnection between seemingly disparate areas of life

Imagine a world where employers invest in the well-being of their people and employees invest in the well-being of the company.

Now imagine if that were possible in a single platform

Limeade platform diagram

  • Exceptional and meaningful employee experiences that inspire change
  • Improved employee health, well-being and performance
  • An energized company culture

Stop imagining. It’s totally possible.

Learn why great places to work embrace well-being.