The components of organizational support

The organizational support for well-being concept isn’t new — but it’s usually not defined in a structured way. We want to change that.

Limeade Organizational Support for Well-Being Model

Organization-wide Support

Organizational support for well-being shows up at the local and organization-wide levels. Let’s break that down.

Local support


An employee’s direct supervisor, who can be the biggest influence (or obstacle) in well-being improvement


The people an employee directly works with every day (typically reporting to the same manager)

Social networks

Formal and informal networks that provide support for well-being improvement

Physical work environment

The characteristics that make up an employee’s physical work space

Organization-wide support

Strategic alignment

The direct connection between business strategy, people strategy and wellness initiatives


Primary messengers of business strategy and the importance of employee well-being

Well-being tools and programs

An organization’s well-being activities, tools, campaigns, platforms and programs


The underlying norms, values, and beliefs of an organization that drive employee behavior

Based on these components, here’s how employees say they receive support from organizations today:

Organization support sliders

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