Our mission in life is engagement at work

We're an employee engagement platform that builds great places to work by improving well-being and strengthening workplace culture. 

Limeade builds great companies

At Limeade, we believe true engagement comes when people feel good and have a sense of purpose. That's why we focus on the whole person and the whole company, with tools and programs to support both.


One Engagement Platform

Our technology is simple, compelling and backed by science. We integrate well-being, engagement and social recognition software into one seamless experience — one that brings workplace culture to life and helps employees and companies feel more connected.

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Through personalized challenges, social activities and interactive learning, we help people improve their overall well-being and reconnect to what motivates them in their jobs.

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This boosts engagement at work — and gives companies the business results they want.


Limeade is good for people and for companies.

Together, let's change the way we work.

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