Our Story

We’re an engagement company that inspires commitment by elevating culture. 


Traditional approaches to wellness don't work

We think there's a better approach.

To get real business results, you need an engagement solution.

Not superficial wellness and recognition software. Not programs solely focused on integrating benefits or reducing healthcare costs.

Our Mission

Improve well-being in the world through happy, healthy, high-performing workforces.

Our Values

Limeade builds great companies

Our secret: Limeade elevates culture and inspires mutual commitment.

So you get the business results you want.


We offer an immersive engagement platform

Whole person


Improve physical, emotional, financial and work well-being.

Whole company

whole company2

Connect with teams & peers, managers, leaders and company strategy.

Whole ecosystem

whole ecosystem2

Leverage every company capability and program.

One Engagement Platform

Limeade is the pioneer in well-being. We think this is the best lens to tackle true engagement at work. But we align well-being with everything you need in one engagement platform for employees.


well-being phones

Focus on whole-person well-being by improving physical, emotional, financial and work well-being.


social recognition 2

Recognize people for meaningful achievements — both personal and professional.



Drive real engagement by catalyzing the whole person and the whole company.



Increase the value of the whole ecosystem with our guided, immersive Smart Hub experience.

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