Our Story


We’re a corporate wellness technology company that drives real employee engagement. Recognized for our award-winning culture, we help the world’s best companies develop happier, healthier and more productive employees.

How we're different

We're the only company that combines these three things:

1. Whole person well-being

2. Organizational support for well-being

3. Smart technology that fits how people work today

Our Mission

Measurably improve well-being in the world through happy, healthy, high-performing workforces.

Our Values

What We Believe

Great companies invest in the well-being of their people — and in return, employees invest in the well-being of the company. 


What We Do

Our science-based improvement model helps our customers and their employees build habits that stick.


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What Our Customers Say

Customer Success

Decrease in sick days
Reduced healthcare costs by
per employee
Limeade drove
registration increase to other benefit programs

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