Limeade Partner Network

Our Smart Hub

Limeade guides people to the right activities, programs and challenges at the right time that improve their well-being and engagement. We do this in a way that’s rewarding, using our simple integration technology.

Our smart hub technology allows you to connect all of your HR and people programs to Limeade through our integration center. Choose from our list of established partnerships — or integrate your own partners to create a program that fits your unique culture.


Key benefits



  • Access proven solution providers
  • Increase use of all programs through program design, communications, machine learning and more for optimal outcomes
  • Streamlined management


  • Find personalized programs, activities and challenges
  • Get rewarded automatically for participation, whether or not you return to Limeade
  • Experience partner programs in a seamless and well-designed experience


  • Improve adoption of programs to shared customers
  • Simple, modern API-based integration — we jointly do the heavy lifting for customers
  • Clear feedback on what’s working and what’s not

Partnership Types

zipongo smart hub

Device Partners

Wearable devices and apps provide ongoing feedback to help you live your healthiest life. Our partnerships with more than 80 providers — including Fitbit and Garmin — let users choose their favorites.

Limeade Partners

Limeade has established partnerships with leading organizations in well-being. They drive results in a variety of specialties, such as health coaching, biometric screening, weight loss, stress management and diabetes management.

Your Partners

Do you have your own trusted partners? We've integrated with more than 250 companies to share data, create a seamless user experience and ultimately help drive better results.


Our partner relationships bring measurable value to your organization and employees.