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Limeade Expands with New Employee Engagement Product

Engagement+ Measures and Drives Immediate Action

Bellevue, Wash., Feb 13, 2018 – Today, Limeade, an employee engagement company, introduced Limeade Engagement+, a new engagement measurement and action engine that drives real-time improvement across the entire organization. With Engagement+ leaders, managers and employees join and complete meaningful, personalized activities that drive engagement at work and in life

Companies continue to strive for an engaged workforce, which they know drives better business results. Despite spending billions on employee engagement measurement, U.S. employee engagement levels have stayed dismally low, hovering around 32% according to Gallup.

“We approach employee engagement through the lens of well-being. We know when companies invest in the well-being of their people, their people are more engaged,” said Dr. Laura Hamill, chief people officer and managing research director of the Limeade Institute. “Today employees are struggling. They’re disengaged, depressed and disconnected from purpose. Or they’re stressed out, self-medicating and burning out. This is becoming a workplace epidemic that companies are scrambling to address.”

“The missing piece of employee engagement is action,” said Kyle Lagunas, Talent Acquisition and Staffing Research Manager at IDC. “It’s easy to measure and make recommendations, but the real challenge is driving personalized action – not just for one team or one person, but for every individual in a company. Emerging technology can help companies scale engagement initiatives and make them relevant for all employees.”

Limeade Engagement+
Limeade Engagement+ not only measures employee engagement, but also provides tangible recommendations and drives action at all levels of the organization.Limeade Product Hero engagement plus2 300x193 - Limeade Expands with New Employee Engagement Product

“Traditional employee engagement approaches leave managers in the dark about what to do next and disappoint employees who don’t see any action,” said Lee Rossini, vice president of product and marketing at Limeade. “And today’s real-time listening tools fail to connect the listening insights to personalized action plans for people at every level.”

“We’re disrupting point-in-time and listening-only approaches to employee engagement by enabling employees, managers and leaders to take action to improve employee engagement now,” Rossini added.

Engagement+ is delivered in a single, integrated platform that also includes well-being, social recognition and inclusion solutions. Specifically, Limeade Engagement+ features:

  • Measurement: Engagement+ utilizes several research-based methods for measuring engagement including an annual survey, quarterly employee check-ins and more frequent employee listening.
  • Insights: The real-time Engagement+ dashboard highlights employee engagement results, which can be filtered in dozens of ways. The dashboard features recommended activities for leaders and managers to improve. All results and recommendations are delivered in manager reports. Limeade experts assists with survey strategy, results interpretation and strategic action planning.
  • Action: Employers can immediately act on the recommendations from the Limeade action engine using dozens of activities to improve engagement for leaders, managers and employees.
  • Communications – Engagement+ communication tools feature templates for the survey launch, welcome videos and follow-up emails to ensure employees understand the program execution and actions.

“It’s nearly impossible to improve if you don’t give managers the insights, actions and tools to address employee engagement,” said Rossini. “That’s why the unique blend of measurement and action in Limeade Engagement+ makes it effective, scalable and unlike anything else out there.”

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