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Recent articles by Jennie Overton

employees talking during a meeting

Blog Post | Product Updates

LimeTime session recap: The Manager Experience: Empowering Your Essential Leaders

Learn why managers are essential for unlocking your organization's true potential in increasing employee engagement and reducing turnover.

Employee pitching a corporate wellness program at work

Blog Post | Employee Well-Being

How to pitch a corporate wellness program: 6 strategies for 2023

Build a workplace that supports employee well-being by following these 6 strategies when pitching a corporate wellness program in 2023.

Stack of stones in front of laptop displaying image of yoga instructor | Holistic Employee Wellness | Limeade

Blog Post | Employee Well-Being

Why businesses need to take a holistic approach to wellness

In this guide, we provide an overview of holistic wellness programs, explain why they're so helpful for employers and offer tips for creating a holistic wellness program of your own.

Employee participating in a wellness program | Limeade

Blog Post | Employee Well-Being

How to motivate employees to participate in wellness programs

Learn why employees should participate in wellness programs and how to avoid the wellness program plateau using a few simple tricks.

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Learn how Limeade can help you amplify care every day