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Recent articles by Markus Von Aschoff

Employee wellbeing program insights and reporting to prevent turnover

Blog Post | Product Updates

How Limeade helps HR teams prove value

Self-service wellness analytics tools can be confusing. Fortunately, we make it easy to surface actionable insights that impact business results.

Group of smiling and engaged employees collaborate during meeting | Holistic Employee Wellness | Limeade

Blog Post | Customer Stories

LimeTime session recap: How to Create a Successful Employee Engagement Strategy in 2023

Learn how Galloway & Co. creates an engaged culture by empowering its employees using advanced listening tools like Limeade Listening.

Employee health care conference

Blog Post | Employee Well-Being

Decrease healthcare costs: 4 strategies to save $500k+

Get four strategies to decrease healthcare costs that instill healthy habits into your workforce.

health and benefits team members discussing work | Limeade

Blog Post | Employee Well-Being

Boost your benefits team’s productivity by 2.3x

Find out how a benefits team of three can do as much as a team of seven using their Limeade well-being program.

Large blue gradient circle with two smaller blue circlesLimeade platform screenshots

Learn how Limeade can help you amplify care every day