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How to Support Employee Mental Health in the Workplace

By: Nick Shekeryk

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About the author

Nick Shekeryk

Nick is a Content Marketing Manager at Limeade. He has a professional writing background rich in media and digital marketing with specializations in B2B and B2C content creation and strategy.

Nick takes pride in his ability to connect with readers through engaging and insightful content that tells the story of how Limeade brings positivity, energy, humanity and purpose to work. His mindful approach to exploring various themes impacting the employee experience helps bridge the gap between employees and employers — and aligns with his favorite Limeade purpose: Listen Well, Speak Plainly.

Nick’s work has appeared in The Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Post-Standard and on, among other publications. He has a graduate degree in journalism from Syracuse University as well as creative writing and philosophy degrees from Seattle University. In addition to his efforts to support workplace equality as a member of the Black LimeMates Kings and Queens (BLKQ) ERG at Limeade, he advocates for inclusive community outreach as a leader for the public library board of trustees in his hometown of Everett, WA.

Nick also spends his free time playing and coaching baseball, running and attending as many live music events as possible.

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