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4 reasons to invest in your employees’ financial well-being

By: Jennie Overton

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Why businesses need to take a holistic approach to wellness

In this guide, we provide an overview of holistic wellness programs, explain why they're so helpful for employers and offer tips for creating a holistic wellness program of your own.


Blog Post | Financial Well-being

5 financial wellness activities to help employees manage their money

Learn why companies should help employees with their money, and get a free personal finance checklist to share with your team.


Blog Post | Employee Well-Being

Why Modern Well-Being Programs Embrace an Expansive Approach

When you hear the phrase “whole-person well-being,” it’s easy to nod along. But for many, the definition of well-being stops at the physical.


Blog Post | Employee Well-Being

Supporting employees during financial stress at work

COVID-19 has compromised financial well-being around the world. Learn about the cost of financial stress at work and get 6 ways to help your employees.

About the author

Jennie Overton

Jennie is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Limeade and is focused on creating engaging digital experiences.

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