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Hearts and minds at work is good for people and for business

By: Mady Peterson

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Blog Post | Employee Engagement

The Importance of Keeping Employee Engagement Surveys Anonymous

When was the last time your employees were completely honest about their working environment? If you aren't sure, anonymous surveys may be your ticket.

Four employees discussing company culture and employee engagement | Limeade

Blog Post | Company Culture

Understanding company culture and employee engagement

Culture is the #1 factor in company success or failure. Learn what company culture and employee engagement really are — and how to develop a culture that your company (and people) need.

maximize employee engagement relationship building man on phone limeade listening

Blog Post | Employee Engagement

Maximize employee engagement with relationship building

Maximize employee engagement at your organization to boost productivity and business performance by focusing on developing authentic relationships.

engage employees impactful 1 on 1s women at computer limeade listening

Blog Post | Employee Engagement

Engage your employees with more impactful 1-on-1s

A guide to better one-on-one meetings for managers to improve employee engagement.

About the author

Mady Peterson

As Manager of Content Marketing at Limeade, Mady is focused on creating a consistent voice across all marketing materials and owning the Limeade brand voice.

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4 Ways HR leaders can use employee communications to support well-being and engagement

Learn how employee communications that reach the right person at the right time with the right message improve well-being and engagement.

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How to improve employee well-being

In today’s world of work it's essential to understand how to improve employee well-being. Get our top 5 tips you can put into action today.

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LimeTime Session Recap: The Evolution of Work-Life Harmony Panel

This thoughtful panel discussion explores the evolution of work-life harmony and the implications for employers in 2023.

Cy Wakeman

Blog Post | Employee Well-Being

LimeTime Session Recap: Ditch the Drama and Drive Well-being with Cy Wakeman

Reality-Based Leader Cy Wakeman kicked off our quarterly LimeTime virtual event with a dynamic and enlightening keynote presentation challenging leaders to interrupt their thinking of traditional approaches to well-being. According to Cy Wakeman, it starts with modern leadership.  

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