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Why the name Limeade?

By: Henry Albrecht, Limeade CEO

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Blog Post | Inside Limeade

8 New Year’s resolutions from our C-Suite

We asked our leadership team what their well-being resolutions are, and the resounding theme was “self-care”. Click to read their responses.

Including employees in goals for well-being at work

Blog Post | Inside Limeade

Candid conversation with Limeade CEO on the revolution of well-being at work

A candid conversation with Limeade CEO on the revolution of well-being at work.

Limeade Playlist

Blog Post | Inside Limeade

Limeade best of 2021 playlist on Spotify

End the year on a high note with our favorite feel-good hits that have inspired well-being, engagement and inclusion all year long.

Limeade Playlist

Blog Post | Inside Limeade

Limeade Womxn playlist on Spotify

The Limeade Womxn Playlist on Spotify is a collection of songs meant to inspire, uplift and encourage whole-person authenticity for all.

About the author

Henry Albrecht
Limeade CEO

Henry founded Limeade in 2006 and has led the company from an idea in his basement to a high-growth, industry-leading SaaS employee well-being company that serves some of the smartest companies in the world.

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Limeade logo with plus sign and then TinyPulse logo

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Why Limeade Acquired TINYpulse

Limeade to Supercharge Listening Capabilities within World-Class Workplace Well-Being Experience Amid Increasing Investment in Employee Experience Software


Blog Post | Company Culture

Limeade Statement on Racial Injustice

Books, articles, podcasts and other racial justice resources to continue to learn, listen, educate and ultimately — do more.


Blog Post | Employee Experience

2019: Year of Employee Experience

Here’s a snapshot of what our CEO shared with Limeade customers to celebrate achievements — and get excited about 2019, the year of employee experience.


Blog Post | Employee Well-Being

If You’re Not Included…How Can You Have Well-Being?

We’re a company built on market-leading innovation that supports employees — and you can't have innovation without inclusion. 

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Learn how Limeade can help you amplify care every day