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10 Books to Help Employees Take Control of Their Careers

Creating opportunities for your employees to build the careers they want offers a sense of purpose — and prevents them from getting stuck on autopilot. 

Career adviser and author of Betting on You: How to Put Yourself First and (Finally) Take Control of Your CareerLaurie Ruettimann, teamed up with Limeade to share her recommended reads for helping your employees manage their careers their way. With books meant to empower, inspire and transform our relationship to work, this reading list will help your employees live their best lives at work — and beyond.

Bonus: Laurie’s top 5 tips for navigating the hybrid workforce

The hybrid work revolution isn’t only changing how we work, but also when and where we work. In addition to the reading list, Laurie gave us some valuable tips on how to be an effective leader for employees who work remotely and in the office.  

Illustrations of Laurie's 5 tips for navigating the hybrid workforce

Get the reading list and tip sheet to discover:

  • Books to empower your employees to own their work with pride 
  • The impact career ownership has on employee well-being 
  • How to keep your employees engaged and motivated in the age of hybrid work  

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