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Busting Well-Being Myths in the Workplace

The journey to infusing well-being into the workplace begins with understanding what employee well-being is — and what it is not. We’re conditioned to believe that well-being is merely a physical goal that’s not only best achieved alone, but also offers equitable access for all. However, this definition undercuts the significance of whole-person well-being, which includes factors of physical, emotional, financial and work well-being that contribute to feeling good and living with purpose.

Uncover the truths behind the biggest myths in the modern workplace and discover how you can increase employee participation and enable your leaders and managers to support whole-person well-being. 

The major myths surrounding well-being in the workplace are: 

  • Well-being is all about physical health 
  • Everybody has the same opportunity for well-being 
  • Well-being is up to me, and me alone 

Supporting employee well-being in the modern workforce 

Employee well-being programs can no longer be adjacent and siloed — nor can they be focused solely on health and wellness. Instead, whole-person well-being should be infused into the employee experience to amplify care every day. 

Adopting a program that supports whole-person well-being shows a true commitment to employee care. Limeade Well-Being helps you address today’s biggest concerns among the workforce — mental health, burnout, turnover — and provides flexible technology to increase employee participation and benefit utilization while giving managers the actionable tools and insights to make company support for well-being real. 

Well-Being Guide

Download our free guide to discover:

• Actionable tools and insights that enable managers and leaders to support whole-person well-being

• How to build a customized well-being experience to inspire participation and drive utilization

• The truths behind the biggest work well-being myths and how to navigate them successfully

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