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Tools and insights to build an employee engagement strategy that works

Optimize consistent employee feedback at scale. Our science-backed technology enables you to cut through the noise and pinpoint where to focus your attention while providing you with the resources to improve employee engagement in your organization.

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Make your people feel valued and heard

Limeade Listening, formerly TINYpulse, takes the guesswork out of employee feedback. Our leading surveys, analytics, in-platform tools, and recommended actions empower HR leaders to drive positive organizational change.

Employees who feel their voices are heard are:

Identify and impact your organization’s root causes of disengagement

Avoid wasted investment by revealing your true culture drivers through honest and consistent employee feedback. 

  • CheckmarkDiagnose your culture with the Limeade Listening Engagement Survey and access data-driven recommendations to take the guesswork out of how to improve so you can hit the ground running. 
  • CheckmarkAdvanced visualization helps you dive deeper to uncover themes and opportunities, like surprise turnover or insufficient training, before they become problems. 
  • CheckmarkAll survey responses are 100% anonymous. Private message any respondent about their feedback, without compromising their identity, to get clarity on their responses. 
  • CheckmarkTrack and measure progress so you can easily share your successes. 

Engage and retain your top performers with employee recognition software

Create a culture of appreciation using management-driven and cross-departmental recognition.

  • CheckmarkGive your employees a voice and platform to easily recognize each other consistently. 
  • CheckmarkDiscover cultural leaders in your company with core value tags and reward your top employees with gift cards powered by Tango Card. 
  • CheckmarkIdentify who is doing outstanding work with data filters and insights. 

Equip managers with tools to develop happy and high-performing teams

Ensure managers regularly know their team’s needs and how to best support them with software designed to help facilitate productive and consistent 1-on-1 conversations.

  • CheckmarkWhen employees have regular face-to-face meetings with their manager, they’re 3x more likely to be engaged than employees who don’t. 
  • CheckmarkGet constructive 360 feedback on your team, from anyone, at any time; and enjoy the healthy habit of consistently meeting with direct reports. 
  • CheckmarkVisualize and identify problem areas before they take a toll on your team’s productivity. 
  • CheckmarkWeave SMART goal setting into your 1-on-1 conversations for continuous performance improvements.

We help you adopt a successful employee engagement strategy through honest and anonymous employee feedback so you can create a real, human-centric work environment.

Make employees feel heard with opportunities for continuous, transparent feedback. 
Select from 300+ science-backed questions and pre-built templates or choose your own custom questions.
Take immediate action on feedback with in-platform features scientifically proven to increase employee satisfaction.
Receive exclusive insights, best practices and expert guidance from a dedicated Customer Support representative.

See how employee listening can transform your workplace


“TINYpulse [Limeade Listening] has helped shape our culture by showing our team that the leadership team hears them on all their feedback and acknowledges it. We have had a lot of success driving engagement with the Cheers for Peers and on average have over 50% engagement.” 

Omar Shahine, Director of Program Management, OneDrive & SharePoint at Microsoft 

“As an HR leader in a fast-moving environment, I like to pulse our employees weekly to really stay on top of all the things that are coming up in our environment and make sure that we address them in real-time. As an HR leader, TINYpulse [Limeade Listening] will give you the data and insights that you need to create a world-class environment.” 

Jill Boon, VP of People at Porch 
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Leading the science of employee engagement

We founded the Limeade Institute to deliver insights and recommendations grounded in research and science. Its team of researchers and advisors use disciplines like organizational psychology and data science to develop a deeper understanding of how to improve employee engagement and increase action.

  • Checkmark86% of Limeade users report being engaged or highly engaged at work
  • CheckmarkEmployees who feel their company cares are 2x more likely to be engaged at work

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