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Employee-first engagement that empowers everyone to take action

Our employee engagement solution turns insights into actions that increase connection across the entire organization and delivers lasting results.

Limeade Engagement. Mobile screenshot with engagement activities and company updates. Includes an employee insights dashboard that displays current levels of engagement, stress and burnout. Finally, a view of suggested activities in the Discover tab of the Engagement solution page on desktop.

Involve everyone to improve team engagement

Depart from the traditional and take a new approach to drive results. Your success starts with your employees, so we do too. With Limeade Engagement, all employees, not just HR teams and managers, take part. Science-based surveys deliver insights, and clear recommendations create a call to action.

Together, Limeade empowers all employees to collectively build the workplace culture they want to see — the kind of culture that attracts and retains talent.


of Limeade users report being highly engaged or engaged


lower turnover for employees with Limeade program participation

Workplace engagement strategies that give everyone access
Engagement update detail. Reminder for employees to take the weekly pulse survey, with a link to begin.

Workplace engagement strategies that give everyone access

Our global, integrated platform reaches everyone regardless of location, impacting employees far beyond where printed flyers and company emails can go.

Insightful data + expert guidance = better outcomes. 
Detail from the engagement dashboard with an engagement score and suggested employee activities to improve engagement.

Insightful data + expert guidance = better outcomes

Our expert team will work with you to help you improve engagement for all — no matter where in the world your employees are. We’re focused on your success, so you get dedicated, data-driven, customized recommendations to make the most of our technology.

The connections employees crave
Mobile screenshot of a cheers badge sent from an employee to the people team called “Making a Difference” with compliments about completing the company’s manager training.

The connections employees crave

Social capabilities and an experience patterned on the apps and sites your people already love make Limeade a solution employees will want to use. For Ryan LLC, that meant a 2x increase in monthly active usage.

We involve everyone with an employee-first approach to improving engagement

Science-based surveys and custom guidance help organizations drive and scale action
Reach everyone and empower the entire organization to create connections and community
Provide your team with the insights that matter — like risk for turnover and burnout
Boost employee listening with surveys from our library or customize for your needs

We improve employee engagement

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“We chose Limeade because engagement is their specialty. Today, that has proven to be true.”

Bill Medina, Mercury Insurance

“Limeade allows employees to get the information that matters most to their work. We honestly feel they are invested in our success.”

Alyssa Hagan, Encompass Health
Two people working at a computer together in discussion. Overlaid Limeade icons for the science of care and technology solutions.Limeade Institute logo badge

Leading the science of engagement

We founded the Limeade Institute to deliver insights and recommendations grounded in research and science. Its team of researchers and advisors use disciplines like organizational psychology and data science to develop a deeper understanding of how to improve employee engagement and increase action.

  • Checkmark86% of Limeade users report being engaged or highly engaged at work
  • CheckmarkEmployees who feel their company cares are 2x more likely to be engaged at work

Employee engagement FAQs

Engagement resources

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One platform with scalable solutions to improve the holistic employee experience

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Are you ready to improve employee engagement?

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