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Improve employee retention and turnover with real-time insights

Your most engaged employees are the most likely to burn out. Use dashboards to help identify people at risk for burnout, turnover and more — and get the tools to help prevent it in the future. 

Employee retention and turnover data using Limeade platform data

40% of employees cite burnout as a top reason for leaving their jobs

Solving employee retention and turnover can also solve employee acquisition. Nearly all employees with high well-being and organizational support would recommend their employer as a great to work. 

With burnout on the rise, research estimates that it costs employers the equivalent of six to nine months of an employee’s salary to find and train a replacement. Limeade can help. 

When employees feel cared for, they are:

Reduce turnover to retain employees

The Limeade Turnover Dashboard measures the risk of employee turnover across 40 variables, giving you the insight you need to show employees care before you have to face the high costs of replacing them.

  • CheckmarkThe data can be filtered to show specific groups at greatest risk
  • Checkmark3x lower turnover rate for employees who activity participated in the Limeade program at the company
Two HR analysts reviewing employee turnover insights at a computer.Two HR analysts reviewing employee turnover insights at a computer.

Identify and prevent employee burnout

The Limeade Insights Dashboard includes a burnout risk indicator to help you pinpoint groups at most risk for burnout.  

  • CheckmarkThe data can be filtered to show specific groups at greatest risk  
  • CheckmarkBased on these insights, Limeade targets at-risk employee groups with activities that promote mindfulness, resilience, sleep health, stress management, work-life meaning and more
Employee retention and turnover indicators for wellbeing program administrators

Employee retention resources

Transform the employee experience with company support

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See how real-time insights help you retain employees