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Foster an engaged and healthy workforce

Managers account for up to 70% of variance in employee engagement. Most employees even say their immediate manager matters more than C-suite leadership when it comes to well-being support.  

Your success starts with the relationship between your managers and your employees, so we do too. Our fresh approach complements your existing performance management program by extending and strengthening the organizational support employees feel from their leaders and managers.  

Improve employee engagement with the Limeade employee wellbeing platform.

Authentically support your employees

The best way to foster employee engagement and well-being is to support employees. And the best way to support employees is to focus on managers.  

Did you know that employees who rate their manager as excellent are 5x more engaged than employees who rate their manager as poor?

That’s why Limeade helps your managers receive effective tools to support their employees’ well-being.


of Limeade users report being highly engaged or engaged


lower turnover for employees with Limeade program participation

Workplace engagement strategies that give everyone access
Engagement update detail. Reminder for employees to take the weekly pulse survey, with a link to begin.

Use listening tools to collect actionable feedback 

With pulse surveys and polls, managers have a targeted approach to catalyze and act on employee feedback quickly and privately. 

  • CheckmarkReach everyone, no matter where they are, who they are or what they do for your organization

Real-time data and insights to empower care

With burnout rates staying at an all-time high, managers and program administrators can spot burnout within employee groups.  

  • CheckmarkReal-time insights with on-demand dashboards help managers pinpoint groups at most risk for burnout
  • CheckmarkManagers can target employee groups with science-backed activities that promote mindfulness, resilience, sleep health, stress management, work-life meaning and more 
The connections employees crave
Mobile screenshot of a cheers badge sent from an employee to the people team called “Making a Difference” with compliments about completing the company’s manager training.

Boost engagement through a lively communications feed 

Social recognition features provide a fun and easy way to connect with employees. 

  • CheckmarkEmployees can share ideas, post wins, join employee resource groups, celebrate milestones and cheer each other on 
  • CheckmarkLimeade Institute research found that over the course of an employees’ career, recognition has the highest positive impact on their employee experience

Real business results

A 14,000+ employee manufacturing customer used Limeade dashboards to develop a manager scorecard with aggregated well-being program data that indicates their team’s areas of strength, improvement and engagement. This allowed managers to understand their team’s areas for improvement and act in real time, which led to: 

  • Checkmark40% of employees being actively engaged 
  • Checkmark69% improvement in well-being areas among users 

Employee engagement + well-being resources

Scalable solutions to improve the holistic employee experience

Large blue gradient circle with two smaller blue circlesLimeade platform screenshots

Are you ready to improve employee engagement and well-being?