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Infuse well-being into work

Well-being at work includes all the interactions and behaviors that employees engage in throughout their workday — with their company, leaders, managers, the people they work with, policies and tools they use. Infuse small in-the-moment reminders and nudges throughout your day with personalized communications, interactive social feed and gamification to improve employee well-being, work performance and productivity.

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Help employees in their work and well-being journey

Real people. Real challenges. Real results with Limeade.

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How Limeade helps infuse well-being

  • Curate a library of science-based activities, assessments and surveys personalized to support employees’ physical, emotional, financial and work well-being 
  • Streamline how employees find and use their benefits with an integrated well-being platform 
  • Customize reporting dashboards with real-time data to evaluate well-being program performance and prove return on investment to leadership 

How Limeade can help infuse well-being

  • Connect employees through a mobile app experience with a social feed, team challenges, employee resource groups, peer-to-peer recognition and more 
  • Access personalized benefits and resources all in one place with a single sign-on 
  • Receive updates and information based on your role and benefits plan 

How Limeade can help infuse well-being

  • Decrease friction and user effort with well-being activity discovery and tracking integrated into daily tools and tasks 
  • Elevate the presence and visibility of available benefits reminding employees daily that their employer cares 
  • Keep well-being top of mind for employees with notifications and nudges integrated into work tools like Microsoft Teams, Viva, SharePoint, Outlook and more 

How Limeade can help infuse well-being

  • Strategically schedule, target, and share important information to subsets of teams based on job title, location, language and more 
  • Deliver professionally translated and culturally relevant content and activities for a personalized employee experience 
  • Foster organic connection and community among teams by creating a single destination for employees to interact with each other and leadership

The future of work puts employees at the center

Limeade teamed up with Microsoft to infuse well-being into work with an integrated experience that meets people where they are.  

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How to infuse well-being at work with surveys, nudges, cheers, gamification | Limeade well-being solution

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