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Recharge your culture with care

Plug in Limeade, the immersive solution to energize your people

The success of your company depends on the well-being of your people

The last few years have created challenges — remote work, social isolation, quiet quitting, the great resignation — fueling stress, disengagement and burnout which leads to absenteeism, health issues, a decrease in productivity and more.

The only way to maximize the investment in your programs and benefits is to show employees you care about them. Limeade gives you the tools to do this every day. Read on to learn how to recharge your culture with care to achieve the people and business results needed to thrive.

Take these steps to recharge care throughout your culture

Orchestrate intention

Does your culture enable employees to take time for their well-being?

“Instead of gimmicks to entice employees, create the conditions so they can find motivation to support their change journey.” 1

Energize managers

Does your culture equip managers to be role models for well-being improvement?

“Managers are one of the strongest drivers of employee well-being and engagement.” 2

Personalize communications

Does your culture prioritize well-being communications? Do you have channels for listening?

“When information flows freely, employees feel more valued, have higher well-being, and are more engaged.” 3

Cultivate connections

Does your culture encourage social connections between employees?

“Connection to others and having support from co-workers helps cultivate a sense of belonging which is highly influential to overall well-being.” 4

It’s time to show care

Limeade is the only partner who amplifies your culture so every employee knows you care. We make it easy for you to infuse well-being into work.

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