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Infuse care into your culture

Limeade helps your organization show up for your people in meaningful ways to activate the support employees need to feel surrounded by care.

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A research-backed approach for the important ways organizations support employees

When companies care for employees — in every part of their experience — employees can better care for themselves, their teams and their company, leading to better people and business results.

Based on research, at Limeade we believe that organizations show care through organizational support, which includes support from managers, teams, peers, leaders and more. It is this complete approach to caring for employees that delivers results and can impact your culture.

Organizational support is critical to showing your employees care. Limeade Institute research has found that when employees feel cared for:

8 Drivers of Organizational Support

Equip managers

Nearly all employees say their immediate managers matter the most for well-being support at work. Limeade gives them the guidance and support they need to motivate teams.

With help from the Limeade team on strategy and promotion, manager-facilitated well-being challenges contributed to 4% improvement in employee engagement.

Connect teams and peers

Limeade helps employees build real relationships with peers through team challenges, cheers and social recognition. A public utility company used Limeade to encourage employees to share favorite books and build connections across teams.

Companies who use Limeade see 7x higher engagement from employees who have a “best friend at work.”

Enhance social networks

High-performing organizations benefit from the power of relationships and social well-being. They are 3x more likely to emphasize community well-being and 3x more likely to have online social communities related to well-being. Limeade supports easy peer-to-peer outreach with things like cheers customized to your company values and support for champions within your organization.

One customer saw a 12% increase in employee participation with Limeade-assisted program champions promoting program benefits.

Improve physical workplaces

The physical work environment can have a strong impact on employee well-being and engagement. One of our customers used Limeade to offer tips to create a healthy work-from-home setting.

87% of employees want healthier workspaces.

Amplify leaders

Employee engagement is based on senior leaders who build trust and confidence. Limeade gives leaders the platform to scale their stories and inspire the whole company, while still allowing for a two-way dialogue between leaders and employees.

Registration percentage is 8 points higher for Limeade customers with above average “My leaders inspire me” scores.

Scale culture

Limeade lets you emphasize culture in daily interactions with employees — with a video from a CEO, or an activity customized to your values. 80% of employees say company culture influences how much effort they put into a job.

Reinforce strategic alignment

Limeade lets you reach your people with one voice that supports company initiatives, like the healthcare system that used an integrated Limeade program to bolster their philosophy of whole person care. Strategically aligned organizations outperform those that lack a clear vision.

Deliver tools and resources

Our research shows that employees report better outcomes when they see information as flowing freely and accurately throughout their organization.

Ryan LLC increased monthly average usage (MAU) nearly 2x after launching the full suite of company updates and social support into their program.

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Create a culture of care through organizational support

Limeade provides a holistic approach based on research and backed by care, giving you a single platform to measure and improve employee outcomes.

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