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Turn talk into action to improve inclusion in the workplace

Limeade Inclusion offers data-driven recommendations and targeted activities to build and sustain an inclusive workplace.

Limeade Inclusion. Mobile screenshot with inclusion activities and company updates. Includes a summary dashboard with employee survey responses and inclusion score. Finally, a view of suggested activities in the Discover tab of the Inclusion solution page on desktop.

Actionable, intentional strategies for a sense of inclusion at work

We help you build a culture of inclusion with an action-oriented approach to belonging that creates connection and community at work. Science-based activities — informed by Limeade Institute research — educate and activate your employees. Meanwhile, our dedicated experts help you find the data insights to strengthen everyone’s sense of belonging, leading you toward:


more potential for innovation1


higher cash flow per employee over a three-year period1

Create a sense of belonging and watch people do their best work
Detail of a quarterly inclusion poll in the updates area, asking how connected the user feels to their coworkers. Highlighted response: “Strongly Connected.”

Create a sense of belonging and watch people do their best work

When employees feel like they can bring their whole, authentic selves to work, organizations benefit from the whole, authentic insights employees have to offer.

Improve the total employee experience
Detail from the inclusion dashboard with the inclusion score and suggested employee activities to improve inclusion.

Improve the total employee experience

Inclusion impacts people and business performance. With a higher sense of inclusion, companies are 2x more likely to meet or exceed financial targets1 and 19% of employees have greater well-being in their lives.1

Limeade provides an action-oriented approach to inclusion in the workplace

Turn inclusion insights into everyday action
Improve with data-driven recommendations from purpose-driven people
Amplify care throughout your organization with built-in communication tools to streamline initiatives
Meet the moment with real-time insights and expert guidance

We improve inclusion in the workplace

Success Topic

“Our clients expect us to deliver Fiserv at our best, but it’s hard to show up as your best if you feel like you don’t belong.”

Vivian Greentree, Senior Vice President,
Head of Global Corporate Citizenship
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“We wanted HealthMatters, our Limeade platform, to really support our other initiatives going on for global inclusion…so with the help of my Strategic Account Executive we put together several different activities on HealthMatters… focused on empathy, allyship and action.”

Tia Windhurst, Wellness Manager, Health & Wellness Benefits | Human Resources, Ameriprise Financial

“We want to take every dimension of diversity and highlight that as we go forward, and highlight how we can support everybody… and really learn why different groups are treated differently. It’s been a really interesting time and what I know from Limeade and our HealthMatters program specifically, it’s been very helpful and a great way to for us to additionally engage with our employee base and they really appreciate that there’s an additional resource for them.”

Liz Marinac, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Ameriprise Financial
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Expanding the science of inclusion

We founded the Limeade Institute to deliver insights and recommendations grounded in research and science. Its team of researchers and advisors use disciplines like talent development and data science to drive action.

  • Checkmark28% increase in engagement when employees feel included
  • Checkmark3x as likely to stay with an organization that creates a sense of belonging

Inclusion FAQs

Inclusion resources

One platform with scalable solutions to improve the holistic employee experience

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Are you ready to meet the moment with an inclusive culture?

1Bersin by Deloitte, 2017