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An employee experience platform with well-being at its heart

Take care of every employee and infuse well-being into work. Our flexible technology meets your employees where they are — and our data-driven approach brings insights to life to provide real business and people results. 

Limeade Employee Experience platform example on multiple screens. Mobile screenshot with employee experience activities and company updates. Includes a program summary dashboard with number of registered users, activity participation and monthly active users. Finally, a view of suggested activities in the Discover tab of the EX solution page on desktop.

Demonstrate care across the employee experience

Our employee experience platform gives you the tools you need to support every aspect of the employee experience to improve employee engagement, connect coworkers and become a more inclusive company.

Do more for your employees with updates and nudges to support a more healthy workplace. Employees can choose the activities that suit them best — in the language and on the device they prefer — with a design that mirrors the look and feel of the applications they already use. Surveys and polls help you hear more about what matters to employees, while dashboards provide leaders and managers with data to know more about how they’re doing.

When employees feel cared for they are:

Limeade global employee experience platform activity examples

Reach every employee and strengthen your workplace culture

Take care of your employees no matter where they are and scale your efforts across devices and languages. Professionally translated surveys, relevant updates and activities promote one message to get everyone involved.

  • CheckmarkFeed can be machine translated into 80+ languages
  • Checkmark200+ activities available in 19 languages 

Integrate with flexible technology

Easily integrate with partners and third-party applications.

  • CheckmarkOver 300+ integrations with organizations on behalf of our customers
  • CheckmarkAccording to The Josh Bersin Company,Limeade brings together all the pieces and makes it easy for employees to engage with the services and tools they need most.”  
Limeade employee experience platform data

Bring insights to life and provide real value

Measure what matters with the tools and support to act on it. Our science-driven solutions present action-oriented insights by tracking metrics like turnover rate and burnout risk so you can get ahead of them.

  • CheckmarkProgram metrics related to participation, achievement, satisfaction and engagement 
  • Checkmark94% of the most engaged employees plan to stay with their employers for the next year vs. 41% for the least engaged 

Inspire action with real-time communication and relevant resources 

Feel the energy of your culture with a lively communications feed, social capabilities, personalized updates and a modern design. With the communications functionality built directly into our employee experience platform, admins and program champions are enabled with self-service communications, resources and notifications to send to targeted employee groups.  

Receive expert guidance from our Customer Success Team

Partner with our team to create an experience as individual as your company. Using the latest science from the Limeade Institute and insights from our purpose-driven team, you can provide your people a program that’s relevant and connected, and we help you every step of the way. 

We create healthy employee experiences to increase well-being and engagement, and reduce burnout and turnover

Access to all Limeade partners and the opportunity to integrate your resources and initiatives
Create connections that build community and strengthen culture with social updates and rewarding interactions
Reward functionality, encouraging employees to level up
Real-time insights and expert guidance from people committed to your success

See how Limeade EX can transform your workplace

Employee Experience in Action

“We’re delighted at how quickly the solution was implemented and how well it is working. A big plus point for us is that we can easily create our own micro-apps without having to regenerate the app. Internal systems and services can also be integrated directly and rapidly.” 

Robert Zobel, Software Developer
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“We know that people are going through stress, anxiety and more — and having a central point that we can say ‘here is help’ — our speed to care for people has been there from day one.”

Tony Bridwell, Ryan LLC, Chief People Officer

“We selected Limeade as a partner because they were at the forefront of communications in their sphere, they were really thinking ahead of the communications space and understanding that mobile was really the future of how to reach employees effectively.” 

Erin Libardoni, Fortune Brands, Communications and Community Relations Manager
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Pioneering the science of employee experience

Limeade was founded on the belief that work could be a source of positivity, energy, humanity and purpose. We created the Limeade Institute to perform research and put that science into action to evolve the modern workplace.

  • Checkmark4x less likely to suffer from stress and burnout when you feel your company cares for you
  • Checkmark9x more likely to stay at a company for 3 or more years when you feel your company cares for you

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Scalable solutions to improve the holistic employee experience

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