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Limeade Platform Integrations 

Deliver a tailored program that meets your employees’ unique needs through our platform integrations. Our flexible technology supports seamless integrations with your devices, health and benefit point solutions, biometrics and industry-leading well-being partners.  

Woman looking at her well-being program on her phone that shows all types of platform integrations through the Limeade Well-being program.

Enhance the value of your applications

Streamline the employee experience and unite your benefits, resources and data into one holistic solution. We make it easy to integrate your organization’s applications so you can drive employee awareness and engagement of your benefits and resources.  

Companies who use Limeade achieved:


increase in benefits utilization


improved cost savings with  
better benefit utilization


implementation satisfaction 

Limeade for Microsoft Teams platform integration visual.

Limeade Well-Being for Microsoft Teams

Deliver an integrated experience that infuses well-being into work with Microsoft Teams and Limeade.

  • CheckmarkIntegrating Limeade Well-Being into Microsoft Teams, a highly used employee collaboration and communication tool, decreases the friction for employees to discover, join and track well-being activities in the moments between their daily work tasks. 

Clinical well-being

Limeade has a strategic alliance with the leader in clinical analytics to deliver joint solutions that up-level the industry standard in corporate well-being.  

  • CheckmarkLimeade customers are 8x better at identifying high risk populations — accounting for 52% of their health care cost. This alliance commits to the longevity of your people and your business with better data and 5x better benefit utilization.

Our partner network

We offer built-in access to trusted, best-in-class partners for maximum flexibility.

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Additional platform integrations

We seamlessly integrate with your own preferred content, benefits and partners to deliver a tailored program that meets your unique needs. For your people, that means a seamless user experience. For your organization, it means increased utilization of resources and a unified source for people results.

Health and benefits point solutions
  • CheckmarkImprove your health and group benefits offerings for employees and drive lower healthcare costs. Limeade supports a wide range of health and benefit point solutions including improving specific condition management, holistic well-being solutions, and coaching.  
Learning and development
  • CheckmarkInvest in your employees’ future by sharing resources to develop their professional skills and knowledge. Limeade integrates with industry-leading learning and development applications to drive business success by increasing employee productivity and effectiveness. 
Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
  • CheckmarkEnsure every employee’s voice is heard in your organization. Promote employee resource groups, DEI&B initiatives, and make it simple to create a company culture where everyone belongs.
Employee engagement and listening  
  • CheckmarkEquip managers and leaders with the insights and guided actions needed to improve employee engagement. Limeade Listening enables you to shine a light on the health of your organization, uncover obstacles holding you back from success, and create a stronger, more unified workforce. 
Health and safety 
  • CheckmarkKeep employees up to date with the latest health and safety policies, send health and safety check-ins, and train new employees on your company’s health and safety standards.  
Human resources information system 
  • CheckmarkPersonalize every employee’s experience by using your HRIS data to securely and anonymously recommend resources based on employee demographic information, benefit selections and more. 
  • CheckmarkDrive awareness on the importance of biometric screenings and use data to identify at-risk employees and give those individuals the resources and care they need to improve their health and keep organizational health costs low. 
Custom integrations 
  • CheckmarkLimeade has worked with hundreds of customers to understand how their benefits and resources are being used and what integrations can provide additional value to their employees. 
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