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Clinical analytics

Amplify care for the employees who need it most with comprehensive clinical analytics that enable leaders to reach at-risk employees with personalized resources.

Identify more. Engage more. Impact more.

Limeade has formed a strategic alliance with the leader in clinical analytics to deliver a complete end-to-end cultural and clinical solution. This simplified and seamless experience brings together advanced clinical analytics with well-being activities, targeted communications and personalized clinical programs.

Leverage the only solution to achieve greater ROI while infusing well-being into the flow of daily work to drive down healthcare costs increase productivity, engagement and retention.

Companies that used Limeade achieved


better identification of high-risk populations


better benefits utilization


higher well-being


program effectiveness

Identify and amplify care

The top 5% of your employees account for 52% of the health care costs. Immediately identify high-risk populations by analyzing all of your benefits claims data and target them effectively with proven well-being and clinical interventions.

Drive integrated benefits experiences

Leverage all your claims data including medical, pharmacy, disability claims, benefits administration data, workers’ compensation and numerous other data streams to build an integrated experience for each employee complete with intuitive nudges that surface relevant collections of activities, resources, extensions, communications and team challenges.

Actionable insights to maximize ROI

With a push of a button your program owners, leaders and other stakeholders will leverage key stats on holistic well-being, turnover, benefits use, communications efficacy and high-risk segments of your organization.

Commit to the longevity of your people and your business

Amplify care
  • CheckmarkGet more relevant resources, benefits and activities
  • CheckmarkBenefit from nudges that create healthy behaviors
Enable managers
  • CheckmarkExtend and strengthen organizational support
  • CheckmarkReduce absenteeism and achieve better productivity and retention
Improve productivity
  • CheckmarkLess admin more work to run powerful, engaging programs
  • CheckmarkKnow where to focus your efforts with a complete picture of your employee population health
Decrease costs
  • CheckmarkBetter identify high-risk populations and target proven interventions
  • CheckmarkLower healthcare spend and improve business and people performance

Put well-being at the heart of the employee experience


“Limeade made it so easy for me to focus on my personal wellbeing with all the different activities. It gives me activities that are geared toward me and my healthcare plan because they’re integrated, it’s changed my habits.”

Dawna Hansen, Educator

“One of my co-workers just discovered that she was pre-diabetic and she hugged me and said we saved her.”

Lou McDermott, Deputy Director, State of Washington

Ready to amplify care for your employees who need it most?